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Welcome to my blog! I am Meela Vanderbuilt, a Second Life resident & YouTuber who loves to build, decorate, entertain and keep an active social calendar.  I am the owner of the adult club, The Monarchy an adult oasis.  I also own the newly opened LA-inspired date mall, The Vanderbuilt – home to Faith & Flower Restaurant & Bar, LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge, and Aroma Cafe.  I have several community sims and rentals around the grid and SLBNB for those of you who appreciate a vacation!  I love Second Life YouTube stream live at least twice a week with a Second Life 101 series, dedicated to new residents and some fun shopping and fashion hauls!  You’ll often find me at one of my own venues or exploring somewhere new.

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About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to documenting my experiences and Second Life YouTube. While this is not a fashion blog, I may often share details about what I’m wearing if I have them available.  If I’ve lost the details somewhere in my inventory I may not!

I love to share awesome projects, games, and events in Second Life so if you have a cool project that you’d like me to review or check out, don’t hesitate to contact me!  I also work with various brands in Second Life, if interested reach out and I’ll get you all of the fun details!

I’ll also keep you updated on any awesome social events I’m planning or taking part in so you can join.  If you like to keep active on SL or even just find a couple opportunities to socialize with other residents I hope you like this blog and hope you join me on one of my Getaways!


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