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Ok, it’s time for a YouTube giveaway!  YouTube genuinely changed my Second Life experience.  I felt myself beginning to lose interest in Second Life.  I think this happens to a lot of us. And then I started streaming.  So, what started as something to share my personal experience in this vast virtual world of ours has completely evolved.  I’ve learned so much about so many of you, how you enjoy the platform and most interestingly why you choose to login which brought a whole new level of interest for me!

To celebrate, I’m planning my second subathon. Remember the first? Feels like ages ago.  And I have a bunch of giveaways lined up and one massive party in world!  In addition to all of that, it also feels like its time to truly introduce myself to all of you.  In addition to the subathon, I will also be publishing my first on-camera video and another video showing all of my friends Second Life for the first time.

I’m excited to show people in my real life this side of me – this playful, energetic, silly person a lot of you have come to know.  I’m also really excited to share who I am and the role Second Life plays in my life.  I hope to see you all there!  Plus… we’ve got gift cards from Visa, Ulta, Steam and Fashion Nova up for grabs AND if you’re a Second Lifer, we’ve got $20,000L and gifts from various in world stores.  Check them out below! They’ll begin Saturday at 12pm PST!

Join me for a Super fun YouTube Giveaway & Party:

Saturday August 29th – 12pm PST (second life time)

On YouTube:

In World:

Click here to teleport

YouTube Giveaway:

Visa – $50
Ulta – $50
Steam – $50
Fashion Nova – $50

DJ Line Up:

12pm – ™ⒹⒿSPICE
1pm – Dϳ Fλτλlιτψ 504 Μλzσ
2pm – 亗Kιиg Mαтнευѕ Ɓ. Ɓяυиѕεи
4pm – Brockie Spicer
5pm – Cali Huntress

Sponsored by:

Bayside City
The Monarchy
Starlight Designs
Pink Charcoal
Dani Productions

YouTube giveaway - Second Life Subathon - Meela Vanderbuilt

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