So much has changed in Second Life over the seven years I’ve been here.  One of those biggest changes has been sheer growth! There are more sims, more projects, more clubs just so much to do that it’s kind of spread us all out quite a bit.  While that’s awesome, it can be a little challenging when you’re brand new trying to figure out where to start.

So, in my stream today, I shared a little about my world and what to do in Second Life.  Here are my favorite things!

The Ultimate Getaway

This started maybe a year or so ago.  I started taking vacations in Second Life. Yes! Vacations.  If you’re really trying to figure out what to do in Second Life a little weekend getaway is a great start.  I’ve blogged about places like Essencia Hotel, which is still a complete favorite.  And now, I’ve finally made a place of my own that encompasses absolutely everything I love about a getaway.

Fantasy Island opens this Friday, February 14th at midnight!  The island is located on mainland which means you can fly, sail or drive to and from the location.  All of which are activities I’m obsessed with.  So, of course, as we open we’ll have lot’s of opportunities to provide those services for visitors.  Because I also love to role play, (ok, I haven’t had time to role play in ages) there will also be a fun backstory for the island which you can choose to participate in if you want!

On top of that there are cabins to rent by the day so your vacation can be as short or long as you’d like, sailing options, water sports, volleyball and of course plenty of chill places to just kick back and relax. This is also a collaboration between The Monarchy and The Vanderbuilt so plenty of opportunities to connect with Monarchy girls and cabins are loaded with furniture for adult activities if you want to indulge.  You’ll also find great Vanderbuilt style dining options throughout.  Completely open to anyone who wants to stop by and hang out, rent, or dine.

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Dining Out

Another one of my favorite things to do in Second Life has always been dining out.  I love having spaces to go out on a date, meet up with friends or just to spend some me time and get work done.  I’m such a restaurant hopper that I created a few of mine own to call home.  The Vanderbuilt is my collection of restaurants that are completely open to the public.  There are both self service and full service options.  Restaurants definitely aren’t new for me.  I created a restaurant called Bahia Bar & Grille my second year in Second Life and I really missed the fun!

The Vanderbuilt is hosting a few different Valentine’s Day events this weekend.  The VIP booths at Faith & Flower have a special Valentine’s Day set up that will come out on command if you’re looking for something romantic.  Or you can indulge in happy hour, bottle service, wine tasting, tacos and more if you’re spending this week with friends or family.

You’ll also find a delicious dessert bar with lots of givers, a second floor for couples seating and a dance floor.  And if you’re into BeYou, there are some special BeYou meals and desserts to enjoy.  Be sure to join us Friday for our Sip & Stroke – pop by anytime for some wine tasting and painting.  And at 8pm SLT come enjoy our singles mixer!

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For The Grown & Sexy

If you’re looking for something adult to do solo or with your special someone, The Monarchy has a lot going on this week.  There’s a win a date raffle, kissing booths, lots of specials, a peep show Friday with a special guest DJ and a party Sunday awarding $1,000L prize for a lucky guest.  If you’re a lover of role play and good company, you’re sure to enjoy.  And there’s plenty more than just the club – take some time to get a massage, visit our bathhouse, hang out on the beach, enjoy our pools, play tennis or even just take a drive.

Plan A Trip – Flight or Road Trip

I mentioned two of my favorite things to do earlier so why not give it a go! There are two groups dedicated to flying and actually road tripping.  The Passengers Group of SL is an amazing way to stay in the loop with flights happening all around the grid.  Yes, actual flying!  Anything advertised in this group is completely free, tipping is appreciated.  All you have to do is keep your eye on the group IMs and hop on.  Madison airlines is a favorite of mine.

Another great option is to take a road trip!  The Drivers of SL group releases a brand new grid drive every weekend.  They are all different and include some sort of backstory that can be a lot of fun.  They will provide a GPS type of navigation system to lead you.

Either option is something really fun an intimate to treat your special someone to.  And psst, they cost nothing!

Check out my full post on catching flights in Second Life and road tripping.

Check Out a Museum

Museum hopping has been my thing for a while so when The Vordun first opened, of course, I was a major supporter.  Then we got a redesigned Vordun and I am absolutely obsessed.  I often pop by just to meet up with friends, family or take a solo stroll.  Their cafe is one of my favorites in Second Life as well.

It’s always such a great family date so definitely check it out if you haven’t.

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Get Involved With A Roleplay Hud System

There are tons out there!  Roleplay systems usually have great communities and are ways to meet people with similar interests.  I use BeYou and SML.  BeYou is a life hud system that similates different aspects of life.  It also gives you the option to bring things like cooking, farming, and medicine to your Second Life.  SML is a hud that tracks your fitness progress.  It will give you a daily work out to attempt and you get a limited amount of time each day to work out and increase your strength.  It’s not as easy as it seems, your work outs are racing the clock, stamina and your overall strength so it can be a fun, challenging way to spend your Second Life.  Both have pretty robust communities as well and lots of locations that support them.

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