Meela Vanderbuilt Virtual Baby Shower

One of my favorite things about Second Life pregnancies, possibly the only thing I like about it, is planning the virtual baby shower!  We celebrated the upcoming birth of our virtual twins with a custom build.  Here are some tips to help you plan your baby shower and a few of my favorite shops for decor.

The Venue Will Bring Your Virtual Baby Shower To Life

We’re using Second Life here and the options are really limitless.  Last baby shower, I simply decorated the back yard.  This year, I wanted something a little more extravagant so I started with a blank platform.  There are also lots of venues around the grid for this.  We’ve hosted tons of baby showers at Faith & Flower.  There are also tons of decorators in world. Using the in world search will help you find destinations and decorators.

Knowing that you have no limits (you can totally have elephants and tigers running around if you want to) really spend some time thinking about your dream baby shower.  Under the sea as mermaids? Something subtle in your home? An event hall? Come up with a basic concept and you’ll be able to build your decor and invitations around it.


Decide on Entertainment

For both of my showers I wanted great convo to be the entertainment.  I’m a fan of social gatherings so I didn’t hire a DJ.  If you want a party shower, its a great idea to hire a DJ.  This year, I also decided to hire a live singer which just added a nice VIP touch to the evening.

Games are also a great idea for virtual baby showers.  This year, the shower was way bigger than I expected so managing games was too hard but last year, I gave everyone one no copy, trans beaded necklace.  I was fancy so they were diamonds but if you already know your baby’s gender, you can use special colors.  Then you set the rules. For me anyone who said baby or gender, lost their beads to the person who called them out.  At the end of the shower, who ever has the most beads wins.  You can come up with cute prizes.

I also like to do a live unboxing of gifts so I can show everyone all of the cute baby things and of course thank everyone who brought a gift in person.  Try to wear or rez out everything you’ve received as you unpack.  I did this one at a time so I wouldn’t go over prims.

Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are also fun to play with if you haven’t shared the gender with anyone.  If its also a secret for you, give someone else the responsibility of coordinating.  I purchase poppers from marketplace in either pink for girls or blue for boys.  Decide on your own colors.  There are so many poppers on MP, you’ll find something.

Its a great idea to purchase trans versions and pass them out to a few select guests (or all of your guests) with strict instructions not to pop them before it is time.  Be sure to test out your popper ahead of time so you know how it works.  I had twins so I gave 5 people poppers for “baby number 1” and 5 others poppers for “baby number 2.”  Once its time, you have a color explosion and a revealed gender!  I used poppers that were rose petals for a delicate effect.

Virtual Baby Shower - Second Life

Preparing Your Invitations

I usually use a simple text editor to create invitations.  They’re quick and easy.  Canva is my go to.  It’s so easy to use and they even have templates for different occasions.  If you want to incorporate your own photos you can!  I decided to keep it text focused.  Once you have an invitation – be sure to include all of the details – time and date, location, any additional details about the event.

It’s a great idea to upload this texture in world and send to friends along with a landmark so they don’t have any questions the day of the shower.  Things can get busy and overwhelming fast so having a bunch of confused guests is the last thing you want.

If you know how, making a giver hud is a great idea.

  1. Upload your invitation as a texture
  2. Rez a prim box and assign your photo as the texture on the box
  3. Add a giver script to the box
  4. Add your landmark
  5. Take the box in to your inventory
  6. Right click it from your inventory and click Add -> to hud -> center
  7. Make any adjustments to ensure its placed where you want and click to test. You should receive a copy of your landmark
  8. Rename it so its clear it’s your baby shower invite and add (add me or wear me) so people know it’s a hud.

Your Virtual Baby Shower Shopping List


SeatingNutmeg, Ariskea, Tia, Bazar

Kids boothsBad Seed


DecorSoy, Aphrodite, Hive, Apple Fall, Anc, Fourth Wall, Dust Bunny, Tia, Nutmeg

PlantsFanatik (palm trees), Tarte, Dust Bunny, Mesh Plants, Tia, Botanical, Pilot, Vespertine, DRD, Soy

FoodAphrodite, ChicChica, Luc, Cinoe,

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