I hosted my very first yoga class in world! Now, I come from a RP background here.  My earliest days in SL were spent travelling the retro side of the grid and I attended plenty of fitness classes but as those sims died out, there seemed to be less opportunities for that type of role play.  So, I was so excited that people came out and participated and this is definitely something I’ll be doing more of. I hosted the class at The Vanderbuilt, outside of Faith & Flower.  It was a last minute decision as I was standing around with a friend on Friday night trying to figure out what the plan was for Saturday.  I’d been away in RL (celebrating my birthday month) and had not hosted anything at The Vanderbuilt in a few weeks so I wanted something fun.  I polled on IG to see what people were in the mood for.  Cooking class won but I just didn’t have the time to get it all together in a night so that’s soon to come.

I settled with Yoga Class!  A quick poster and a few group notices later, it was planned!

What to Expect Out of Yoga Class in SL

I’m a roleplayer so, of course, I wanted this class to be more about moving through poses and taking photos.  Although, I found myself scrambling to emote and snap photos… lesson learned, bring a photographer.  But I just went through the class as I would a class in RL.  I emoted movements, gave mat direction as we moved through each posture and ended with a bit of meditation.  Guests were emoted, chatting and just joking around. It was really a blast. This was meant to be a workout so I emoted as if this were a beginners cardio yoga class.

So When’s the Next One?!

Definitely soon! With Thanksgiving approaching, I have a lot of travelling to do for the next couple of weeks and a RL wedding so keep an eye out in a few weeks after the holiday.  Be sure to join either the Royal Getaways group or Faith & Flower for the first update!

If you attended be sure to use #VanderbuiltYoga on IG or Facebook so we can share your photos!  Feel free to add to Flickr as well!

Give this world good energy.

After Yoga We Brunch

I put out a special post-yoga brunch buffet to indulge in after all of our sweating.  If you’re looking to get more social and meet people, definitely join us next time.  Or keep an eye on the Royal Getaways group for various other activities!

Hope to see you next time!

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