I saw photos popping up a couple months ago in preparation for the new Linden homes and I immediately abandoned the home I had in preparation. Finally, the wait is over! The new Linden continent opens today so of course I was the first passenger on a flight in, had a look around and snagged one of these homes for myself before the rush!

About Linden Homes

You must be a premium user to live get a Linden home but they are free with your membership. The size depends on your level of membership. Once you have your home, you can use a dial on the wall to customize everything about it – exterior and interior colors, floors, walls, windows, etc.

Definitely stop by for a visit and if you’re a premium user, you’ll just need to abandon your existing home and choose a new home on SecondLife.com. You have 2 options – traditional and houseboat!

Click here to teleport to Traditional Homes

Click here to teleport to Houseboats

Check out the Video!

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