Shein is insanely affordable and its been perfect for me transitioning seasons and with my weight loss journey. I’ve also fallen in love with the SheGlam makeup line and I’m going to add lots more to my collection. This order is mostly about makeup. I’m still practicing and I fell in love with the shadow sets from my last order. For a makeup newb, they’re super pigmented and easy to apply. Plus the color combos are everything.

I’m trying out their brushes and concealer for the first time but I can vouch for the Waterproof Eyeliner. It’s everything! I’m ordering a few so I don’t run out.

When it comes to clothes, I’m going for comfort, coordination and sexy. I’m at the desk most of the time but I still like feeling sexy in my loungewear. From my experience, Shein fits true to size and even sometimes big on the tops. I always go up a size in pants but I have pretty thick thighs.

I’m not doing much with accessories because my last accessories order was huge and I still haven’t touched most of it.

Placing this order 3/31.  I received it 4/6, only 4 business days later! Here’s a video of me unpacking. I’ll update with fit/reviews!



From My Last Order (pictured above)


Pro Tip

Coupons are your friend! They have a bunch on the site everyday and when you go to checkout, you will see coupons automatically added.  There is a feature where you can purchase the option to use 2 coupons on your order for $2.99. I do this everytime! This order it saved me $62.  My order was $345 with tax before I added that.  So worth it!

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