Back at it again with another giveaway. I think it’s safe to say, I am thoroughly obsessed with this new body.  I’m also pretty surprised by the amount of passionate opposition for it.  I remember a few weeks back, we chatted a lot about why some people are so invested in how others choose to look.  And the moral of the story there was – just because someone finds something appealing, it doesn’t mean they don’t find you appealing because you don’t look like that.  Ultimately, there are lots of us who like this body and who are going to continue to support it.

Tonight, I shared 3 shapes – “slim thick,” “medium thick,” and “thick.”  The body is not attempting to be slim, its not trying to be natural, its not attempting to represent the natural effects of aging on a woman’s body.  It’s honestly not even trying to replicate any eurocentric standard of beauty.  It’s not attempting to give any small… well… anything. Everything is big on this body.  We learned this when we put the booty on zero and baby girl was still PLUMP.

At the end of the day, everyone has a reason for why they look the way they do.  This body is capturing an aesthetic for a market that’s been widely ignored in Second Life and this body is for them.  And, from a consumer’s perspective, it’s doing a damn good job.

Shapes from Tonight

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