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It’s time for my first ever Second Life YouTube Subathon! This Sunday, March 1st I am throwing a 6-hour party and YouTube LIVE stream! Here’s what I’ve experienced with YouTube so far.

I know nothing about subathons. But I also knew nothing about YouTube a few months ago when I started this journey.  I always laugh because I had this lingering YouTube account since my early Second Life days.  And used it for nothing but a dumping ground for a few Monarchy videos I filmed here and there.  Never would have thought I’d be creating content for YouTube, never mind creating Second Life content for YouTube.

I didn’t think I had the enthusiasm.  I didn’t think I knew enough about anything in Second Life to interest anyone – I’m not a creator or photographer.  I don’t Photoshop or build.  I also just didn’t think I’d get much support.  Most of all, I really didn’t think I’d have the time.  Strange things happen when you find something you genuinely enjoy.  After a few live streams, none of those thoughts even mattered.  I was doing something that made me truly love Second Life again and something that became a genuinely fun hobby.  A few people in my real life even know about it.  Hell, I even brought my mother into Second Life! It’s even become something we’ve bonded over and have the ability to connect in a different way, living 3,000 miles apart.

It’s Been An Absolute Whirlwind

So now, here we are approaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and I feel like it’s a milestone to celebrate.  I wasn’t really celebrating this journey as I’ve been on it.  I’ve gone from struggling to get 100 subscribers in November so I could name my URL, to getting a couple hundred in December.  Then we hit 500 in at the end of January and here we are, a month later, approaching 1,000.

It’s been such a whirlwind and through it, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people in Second Life.  Everyone from brand new users, long time Second Life residents… Lindens!  I’ve had amazing opportunities to work with the Second Life YouTube channel and Strawberry Linden, being featured on the NWN blog, connecting with the BeYou team, which has always been such a big part of my YouTube.  And of course I even had the opportunity to jump into IMVU for a second and connect with subscribers where they feel the most comfortable. I had the chance to interview so many residents about topics that matter most to them for a project that is soon to be released.  And even had the opportunity to dabble in creating Second Life YouTube challenges.

I’ve watched my channel, my Discord, my blog grow faster than I thought I could keep up with.  And there have been struggles! I often found myself without enough hours in the day, without the ability to respond to IMs, without the bandwidth to answer DMs, and without the mental energy to organize and respond to sponsors.  I was trying to balance my Second Life time with YouTube and running the three businesses while also trying to make my subscribers feel heard and understand how truly appreciated they are.  While doing this I was trying to balance a hectic real life career, travelling often and making the decision to make a very big career change in RL (just got the job offer I’ve been wanting for months!) I haven’t figured it all out but I’m thoroughly optimistic.

YouTube Kept Me in Second Life

The virtual landscape has all of these nuances and it can really be a scary thing to put yourself out there.  I was beginning to see such a toxic side of not only people, who have the comfort behind their keyboards, but also Second Life residents.  It’s crazy to think just a few months ago, I was wondering if this was the end of my journey with Second Life and then suddenly I found something that just fit.  Something that really pieced all of my Second Life interests together.  Something that allowed me to meet the right people and I’m more interested now than ever to be even a small help for other residents trying to do the same.

I sometimes watch the conversations in my Discord and watch some of the relationships that are developing.  It really is all so much bigger than me and I feel so incredibly honored to be here to facilitate it.  I’ve always been such an advocate for community in Second Life.  Not just having great places to go but finding genuine people.  I live in a cut throat city, working in a cut throat industry, for a cut throat company and I’ve found it hasn’t even been easy in real life to truly develop a great community.  But we really have one here.

I’m honored, I’m humbled… I’m thankful and most of all I’m excited as hell.  I haven’t scratched the surface of what I have planned but I’m giving myself the gift of time.  I don’t plan to rush it.  I’m not chasing anything.  I’m going where my journey takes me.  I’m learning as much as I can along the way.  I’m connecting with other YouTubers, both in Second Life and outside and I’m just ready to have fun!

So, thank you to everyone who has been with me thus far.  I hope you can come celebrate with me on Sunday.  I’ve never thrown a party together so quickly but I didn’t realize how close we were to 1,000 and knew I had to get it done.  So many thanks to my incredible event manager Icy and my team at The Monarchy for helping this happen so fast.  And here’s to hoping I have the vocal ability to stream for 7 hours on Sunday!

Party Details & Giveaways!

11am PST (slt) – Get Ready With Me

12pm PST (slt) – Party Starts with DJ Matheus and host Cotton Candy Couture

2pm PST (slt) – Party with DJ India and host Egypt Neaveh

4pm PST (slt) – Party with DJ Lala

Sponsored by Indulge Automotive & Butbel Beauty, we’ll be announcing lots of fun giveaways!  We’ll also be adding to a cash prize that will be awarded at the end of the night to one lucky subscriber.  I’ll be adding money to the pot for every single new sub throughout the subathon. I’m still accepting sponsors who want to join in on the fun so don’t hesitate reaching out!

Hope to see you there!

Second Life YouTube Subathon - Meela vanderbuilt

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