Second Life YouTube Series - Truth or Dare with Strangers - Meela Vanderbuilt

If you’re looking for a new Second Life YouTube series to become your new guilty pleasure, dive into Truth or Dare With Strangers! It was an impromptu idea that turned out to be a lot of fun.  The first episode had us doing all sorts of madness – like stripping down to our underwear, sending well known creators love letters and of course and pretty embarrassing profile about section.  So, there is definitely a lot more where that came from.  And as we get the series going, I’m hoping to introduce even more surprises.  Creating Second Life YouTube series may be my new favorite hobby.  I’m still planning on getting back to The Great Escape but I’ve clearly been a little distracted.

The series films live on Youtube at 6:30 pm SLT (PST) on Fridays.  And we’ll be casting for our “strangers” every week so if you’re interested in joining you can either:

  1. Message Meela Vanderbuilt on Facebook
  2. Message Meela Vanderbuilt on Instagram
  3. Drop off a Notecard in world at The Vanderbuilt with your display name, confirming you can voice, and confirming you are available from 6pm slt to 7:30pm slt.


  • Must be able to voice
  • You’ll need to have a strong internet connection to avoid crashing
  • You’ll need to be available and on set from 6pm slt – 7:30pm slt
  • You need to be 18+

If you missed the first episode be sure to catch up.  It was a little bumpy but we’re coming back all polished off so definitely join us and keep an eye out for additional casting!

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