Second Life Tech Talk

We need to have some Second Life tech talk.  Let’s face it.  Second Life is a beast! It’s really a needy monster that wants the most from our computers, graphics cards, hard drives.  If you’re anything like me – you also film, snap photos, create random content and it can all be pretty taxing on a computer.  Luckily, I finally found a machine that seems to like Second Life as much as me.  So here is everything I’m currently using or planning on getting soon that enhance my Second Life experience.

Keep in mind – I am not a techy person and no expert.  I did some research and just guessed.  Luckily, it all worked out and has been a great start into a gaming machine.  I’ve been using everything here for about a year.

Second Life Tech – My Laptop Needed an Upgrade

Last year I decided it was just time for a gaming laptop.  Prior to that, I was using just regular laptops – usually dell and HP but I was burning through these things maybe once a year.  SL is pretty heavy but I was saving tons of photos and videos and the more I played, the slower my computer got and of course, the slower SL got.  If you’re complaining of lag often, it might be time to think about a gaming laptop.  And luckily, there are some really great, cost efficient gaming laptops.

This is the most I’ve ever spent on a laptop.  I was used to spending like $400 but I was replacing them every year so I ended up paying a lot more.  I’ve had the one I use now for over a year and its still running perfectly.  Still feels brand new honestly.  And best of all, it is now $400 less than what I paid.

Allow me to introduce you to Lenovo Legion.

Second Life Tech Suggestions to Combat LagLenovo Legion – $975 – Amazon

Baby is a beast. We’ve been through our ups and downs… like I had to replace the entire motherboard because I broke my charger in it. Whoops. BUT the manufacturer’s warranty that came with the laptop covered it!  There have also been some major updates in the 2019 version (I got mine in 2018) so there are improvements to the keyboard, which I struggled with.

There is also another version with slightly less memory for $917 here.  Which is a good option if you plan on using an external hard drive anyway.

Your Must Have – Graphics Card!

Second Life Tech Suggestions to Combat LagNvidia Graphics Card – $139.99 – Amazon

Ok, I won’t pretend to know anything about graphics cards or honestly exactly which Nvidia card I have because it came installed in my computer.  However, if you are using an old computer and need a replacement or just can’t make a whole new gaming laptop investment, N-effing-vidia is amazing.  As soon as I enabled the card with Firestorm my entire Second Life changed… Like really.  I was seeing a whole new world. My FPS was so high.  My viewer defaulted to near ultra graphics settings. I can so a whole lot on ultra with no problems. I rarely lag. It’s all because of bae here.

Replaced My Hardrive

Second Life Tech Suggestions to Combat LagSamsung 850 Evo – $129.99 – Amazon 

A new hard drive was also a game changer for me.  I replaced mine about 11 months in with my Lenovo and it changed everything.  I’m not one to be super careful with my computer honestly. I slap it closed, toss it in a bag, travel around, drop it far too often, etc.  So I ran into some issues around month 11 which led me to questioning Geek Squad about my harddrive so we replaced it! Of course, I have a protection plan with them because I’m reckless so I bought this one here and they installed it for me for free.  My laptop turns on within mili seconds, browsers, SL, EVERYTHING opens so quickly.  It’s wild.

I Needed A Headset

Second Life Tech Suggestions to Combat Lag NUBWO Gaming headset – Noise Cancelling – $24.99 – Amazon

I never used to voice in Second Life before I started getting active on YouTube… aka a little over a month ago.  So, I never really had much use for a headset.  But if you plan to voice or film, definitely add a headset to your Second Life tech list.  Now, it’s my first one so I didn’t really need anything fancy.  I knew I wanted something noise cancelling so I could film videos and if I had people over they wouldn’t have to sit in silence.

It came in handy over the holiday for sure.  You can kind of hear my mom on the video I was filming of her but she was literally sitting riiiight beside me on a bed chilling out.  But you couldn’t hear our TV or the babies in the house at all in the video.  I love the noise cancellation and I love the quality too.  One thing to know about me, even if you guys can’t hear it, I always have music playing when I’m filming.  Helps keep my energy up and I can’t hear anything around me.  Can be kinda scary if you think about it. But hey… they work!

External Hard Drives are Everything!

Second Life Tech Suggestions to Combat Lag

Toshiba Canivo Basic External Hard Drive – $47.99 – Amazon

I’m a file hoarder!  We can’t talk about Second Life tech without mentioning the fact there is plenty to save from Second Life. I keep every single capture I film, a ton of my SL photos (its fun to look back years later, what can I say!).  Recently, I deleted a bunch of photos off Flickr and it was painful.  Using Google Drive is an option but of course, I can fill that thing up, even with the upgrade so I figured it was just time for an external to save all this stuff to.  It’s come in handy lately, especially when I need to create YouTube thumbnails, I can go into my ridiculous library of Second Life photos I’ve saved and can spare my computer the drama.

Chatting in World w/ a Mic

Tonor Gaming Mic – $29.99 – Amazon

Sometimes its just easier to navigate SL when you’re not typing. I’ve only recently started voicing in world but having a headset on for a while irritates me so I love a mic and the sound quality on this thing is AMAZING.  Especially for the price!

Want more info about Second Life? Check out my Second Life 101 series on YouTube!

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