Second Life Sponsorship

YouTube - 14,030 Subscribers | Weekly Subscriber Average: 120 | Weekly View Average: 25,000

Facebook - Page: 1,200 Followers | Profile: 5,000 friends

Instagram - 4,453 Followers

Discord - 1,929 Server Members

Website - Average Daily Views: 780 - 1,500

Twitter - 763 Followers

In World Groups - Approx. 4,461 members total

I offer a few sponsorship options for Second Life brands/businesses/events - product sponsorships, paid sponsorships, store presence on my sims and giveaways.  All paid sponsorships include cross-promotion across all of my social networks and include scheduled and strategic posts to maximize visibility. Please review the below options for details.

It is my goal to excite my viewers/readers with products/events/services they would be interested in. Prior to accepting any sponsorships, I will review your product/brand to ensure we are aligned.

It is my passion to share experiences, products and locations with my viewers to enhance their overall experience in Second Life.  In addition to that, I am very passionate about business and marketing and work with brands to come up with very customized and strategic experiences that stay true to my brand and audience but also can meet the needs of yours.

When connecting with you, we'll quickly determine any key success factors and goals you have and determine the best way our collaboration will bring those to fruition. All of my marketing is aimed at not only featuring specific products but also building brand recognition, excitement, loyalty and community.



I am currently available for up to 2 sponsored videos per month. Please review the below details and contact me should you have any questions or inquiries. You can reach me via email SecondLife @ or Facebook.

Email: SecondLife @


In World: Lanareynolds Resident by Notecard only. Or via IM - MeelaVanderbuilt Resident