Second Life - Muse Dance Co Performance - Meela Vanderbuilt

This post is long overdue! Real life has been hectic and its been wild figuring things out with Akello.  And randomly, more of my RL family has been making their way into Second Life. Then, I’ve got a new video series coming out soon!  Needless to say, things have been pretty distracting.

Nonetheless, I had the pleasure of checking out a show by Muse Dance Co. and it truly was a pleasure. I was a bit late to the show so I missed the beginning.  I really miss shows like this in Second Life. The show was beautifully choreographed, the wardrobe was on the money and it was a pretty spot on rendition of Chicago.

The Perfect Activity for Family & Friends.

I’m always on the hunt for cool social things to do and Muse is definitely going to be a new tradition. Not only was the show impressive, but so was their organization. Their website has trailers for all shows, a calendar to let you know exactly when to catch it and a full cast list. It’s all just very beautifully executed. Here’s a quick vid I snapped of the end of the show.

Catch a show for yourself.

The great news about the timing of me getting my shit together for a post – they have a show this upcoming Sunday!  Visit the sim at 9am SLT to catch Mystic India.  It looks pretty interesting.  Hope to see you there!

Click here to learn more about Muse Dance Co and check out Mystic India in world Sunday, August 11th 9am – 10am SLT.  Click here to tp to the sim for show time!

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