I’m in desperate need for a chill weekend.  So naturally, my escape is Second Life shopping.  It is currently the biggest retail weekend of the year and all of that shopping frenzy definitely made its way over into our lovely virtual world.  I spend a significant part of my Friday hitting up the Second Life Black Friday sales.  I even streamed a portion of that LIVE with Reyna.  Don’t be fooled, after that ended… I continued to shop.

Anyway, as much as I really really want to stop shopping, I’m prepping to head out to check out more sales! Of course its still Saturday Sale and 60L Weekend.  What is a girl to do!?

Nonetheless, I stopped by a SLBNB spot to do a quick wardrobe change before heading out to the sales.  Want to spend the weekend getting away? Check out SLBNB.net.

Here’s What I’m Wearing

  • Dress: Seul | Sauda Mini
  • Shoes: Rosary | Fluffer
  • Watch: November | Xenon
  • Shades: Majesty | Icey Girl
  • Hair: Doux | Kimma Delux Pack
  • Coffee & Bagel: ChicChica

Get in on The Shopping

There are hundreds of stores participating in Black Friday.  I think this may be the biggest Second Life Shopping weekend I’ve ever seen.  I’m still trying to decide if I’m even capable of doing a haul.  I really went wild.

I re-posted a list of stores on my Facebook page so go check it out!  If you want to shop Saturday Sale be sure to join the group in world and to shop 60L Weekend, join the Access Updates group.  Tab over to notices and grab the notecards that list all participating shops!

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