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The beauty of Second Life Shopping – there is so much out there!  No matter what you are looking for, it’s usually out there somewhere.  The challenge with Second Life shopping – there is so much out there!  It can be quite a daunting task diving into the sea of amazing stores.  Its hard to even figure out where to begin.

I used to be a committed Marketplace shopper.  Much like real life, I wasn’t a huge fan of going around to a bunch of stores.  I like the shop online concept.  I like it a lot.  But then, I transitioned into appreciating a shopping experience.  So here I was, trying to figure out where all of these stores are located in world.  We all know, I deleted my inventory on my last live and with it, all of my Landmarks.  Will I really go hunting down all of these mainstore locations?

Err no.

So, now that I’m really starting from scratch, I’ve wondered if it’s even efficient to stick to my little list of landmarks.  I genuinely think not!  So many designers participate in events these days that all new releases usually hit a shopping event before they even make it to the store.   Even landing at mainstores these days, the products I drool over are at events.  So, there I go, embarking on the – let’s find this one particular item – voyage.

I’ve started to cut the first step out of the equation all together.  As much as I used to hate them, I am now a committed event shopper.

How did this happen?

Shopping Events

Why did I hate them? I know you’re curious.  Well, there are a ton of them and I have problems with self control.  Say I hop on over to Uber, decide to buy everything my heart desires, only to find out Fameshed is coming to town the next day.  And Oh em gee, I need everything from  Fameshed.  It was madness.  Both my inventory and wallet were sick of me.

Therefore, we now have THE LIST.  I’m sure this list will continue to grow but there are the events I shop regularly, including when they all start.  I’m more apt to control myself a little if I know another event is coming up.

  • Cosmopolitan – Bi-weekly, current round ends the 8th
  • Kustom9 – Monthly – Jan 15th – Feb 10th
  • Collabor88 – Monthly – Jan 9 – Feb 6th
  • Kinky – Monthly – Jan 28th – Feb 22nd
  • Anthem – Monthly – Feb 3rd – Feb 29th
  • Uber – Monthly – Jan 25th – Feb 22nd
  • Equal10 (cam sim) – Monthly – Jan 10th – feb 5th
  • Access (cam sim) – Monthly  – Jan 12 – Feb 8th
  • Fameshed (cam sim)– Monthly – Feb 1 – Feb 27th
  • Fameshed X – Bi-Monthly – Feb, April, June, August, October, December on the 10th
  • Belle – Opens 20th of Every Month 12pm
  • Whore Couture – Coming March 1




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