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One of my all time favorite things to do in Second Life has always been role play.  The reason I decided to play Second Life were because of some of these role play communities.  I remember early in my Second Life, I used to hop around between this role play community called Rocky Valley and another called Dead End.  I met the majority of my current friends at Rocky Valley, this cool boarding school style city that really kicked started my love for immersive role play.

Now there are so many ways to role play in Second Life and while I may not spend as much time sharing paragraphs with others on some of these sims, I had to bring my love for role play to one of my newest venuesBayside City in a way that worked for my schedule.

Life in Bayside is a role play series on my YouTube channel where I get to share what has been an ongoing story with Meela’s brother Graham since… 2012?! Sheesh, time flies. But yes, our story started in 2012.  It spread across multiple role play cities and evolved over the years as their characters grew older. Graham and Meela have always been at odds with each other after a major falling out when they were just in high school.  Graham led a pretty reckless life after.  He landed a few stays behind bars and was a major emotional and financial drain on their family.  But after his last release, they were able to open up about some things they experienced before things went haywire.  The more they shared, the less they began to trust their father.

second life role play bayside city stories meela vanderbuilt

Now, Meela had always been a big fan of her father and was now looking at her father through a very suspicious lens. And it opened her up to some pretty shady practices on his part.  After he pulled the rug from beneath her on one of her biggest business ventures for what he simply said was “for the best of their family,” she didn’t know if she was fueled by vengeance or a genuine distaste for the man.  Graham came to her with their father’s interest in Bayside.  The man was pouring his entire life’s work into attempting to acquire this city.  So, when they saw the opportunity to go in and take it from him, they didn’t hesitate.

Now she’s allied with a brother she’s never trusted.  she’s trying to live her life with her family and protect the fortune she’s built on her own.  But life and this city keep throwing her curve balls.

Watch Meela’s Story unfold but even more fun, follow other Bayside City stories.

Second Life Role Play YouTube Series in Bayside

Vanderbuilt Diaries

So far, Meela has shared the news of her last pregnancy. Then, we quickly fast forward to her first days in Bayside.  She was originally met with resistance in the city.  Although the city struggling, many were concerned her family was there to ruin what they hold dearest.  In an attempt to show how much she cares, she began volunteering around the city to learn how things worked.  In the most recent episode, Meela is trying to have a wild night out in Bayside.  The kids and their father are away for the weekend.  However, Graham interrupted her hangover with some life changing news and a run in with her ex.

BE in Bayside

Follow one of Little Toyko’s favorite residents BE, covering their favorite activities in Bayside and role play story. Driving, XeoLife, fitness classes and decorating… and some fabulous singing are just a few things that will have you hooked on this series.

Nadia Foxx

If you’re truly looking for a rags to riches story, you’ll love the videos by Roxxy’s Modern Life.  Her story follows Nadia Foxx. She’s a brand new resident in Bayside who is trying to find her footing and build a life.

I hope you enjoy these stories and build one of your own! You don’t need to be a Bayside resident to role play here.  I have a few videos on Second Life Filmmaking if you are starting your own series. Check out How to Create a Second Life Series and How to Start a Niche Gaming Channel.  If your story is set in Bayside and you’d like to be added to this playlist, join us on Discord and drop your video links in the Bayside City Stories channel!

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