Creating Second Life music videos was the reason I originally created a YouTube channel.  All of those videos are long gone because of copyright issues.  Oops.  I’ve learned a lot since then and had a blast sharing everything I know about planning, filming and editing YouTube videos.

My last Second Life 101 video, I spent the episode going through the full process from start to finish.  I managed to do it all in one hour and produced a 1 minute video for instagram.  A lot of people expressed interest in creating Second Life music videos so I thought it’d be awesome to have a contest.

Please review entry details and enter below.

Contest Rules

  1. Film a music video anywhere in Bayside City.  Pro-tip: Grab a teleport hud from landing so you can easily scout neighborhoods.
  2. Post your video to Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. Your video needs to be a minimum of 1 minute with public settings.
  3. The description should state that the video was filmed in Bayside City and include
  4. Ensure that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel and link the video below.

Additional Tips

  • I strongly suggest using copyright free music so you do not risk having your video removed before the end of the contest.  You’re only able to enter the video once.  Epidemic Sound is a great resource for great copyright free music that you’d actually want to listen to. I use it for all of my streams. Click here to grab a subscription. You also get a free trial! After that its $15/month and you can download as many songs as you’d like.
  • If you’re new to video editing, Filmora is a great tool and what I used for all of my videos. I even use my license for some RL work.  It’s a lifetime license, comes with free effects and you have the option of upgrading for more effects if you need them. Click here to download for free. You get a free trial and can purchase a lifetime liccense for $69.99 or purchase a yearly plan for $39.99.

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