Second Life Money

Let’s talk about Second Life Money.  This week’s Second Life 101 series is all about money!  I’ve heard so many things about money in SL over the years and have made so many mistakes when it comes to spending during my first few years in SL that I wanted to just talk about the one thing people seem to not like talking about!  Money, honey.  Be sure to check out the video on YouTube, live Saturday January 4th at 12pm PST and enter my giveaway below for $5,000L.

I’ll be focused on a few ways I know how to make Lindens, some ideas of how to start a business and turn a profit, how to spend, appropriate cost of products and services, and all about how to turn Lindens into real money!

I’ve been generating my income in Second Life and have not purchased Lindens since 2013 so its possible to live completely off of what you earn in SL or even withdrawing it for some RL spending, depending on your interests, time and ultimately goals.

Check the video – Second Life Money

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