Second Life Machinima - Mr. Sandman by Meela Vanderbuilt

Second Life machinima is really a hobby I didn’t expect to like so much, but filming has become such a huge part of my SL.  For the first time, I actually came up with a concept and executed it.  I usually look around me and just film whats right in front of me.  My last video took a little choreographing but not much went into that concept.

So when I heard Mr. Sandman by SYML I knew I was going to make a SL video for this song.  Some songs just hit you and this one definitely did.

One random thing people don’t know about me is that I write fiction in RL.  I’ve neglected it terribly but some things I published early in life gave me the kind of comfort to explore, be creative and take gambles with my career in RL.  But over the past few years, you can say I developed some pretty serious writers block.  SL, namely Second Life machinima is helping me remove that block.

Nonetheless, I wrote….Gothic literature – very dark, really exploring the things that frighten us all to our core.  So, I’m that girl who wakes up from a nightmare and grabs a pen, desperately trying to get back into that moment.

I adore horror and I wouldn’t say Mr. Sandman is a horror video but it allowed me to play with some of those ideas while still making something a bit commercial-friendly.  I do fully intend to revisit true horror in the future outside of a short music video.  I’ll keep you posted!

Mr. Sandman Video

The whole idea behind the video is that we have a Dreamer (Zayn) who finds himself in the pit of his despair…aka at home alone and feeling a bit lonely.  He calls upon the Sandman because he has connections to summon him like that.  Notice all the worship insignia around.  The Sandman brings him the dream he’s asking for – in the form of a bunch of women and a booty to hold.  He even partakes in the fun himself but ’tis the story with all dreams – this one comes to an end. Dreamer finds himself back in his room with nothing but darkness and his memories of the night to keep him company.

Check it out!

Not all those who wander are lost.

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