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Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Meela Vanderbuilt and I’m addicted to Second Life land.  Before starting my YouTube channel, shopping was not really an interest of mine.  I only like it now because I stream it live and have people in the chat to have fun with.  My absolute addiction in Second Life has been LAND.  I love having multiple houses, different experiences, renting out land, sometimes decorating.

This week on YouTube, I went into some of my favorite tips and tricks when it comes to Second Life land.  Here they are and be sure to check out the video below for more!  And I’ve got a ton of info here so be sure to scroll down to find the info you need.

1. Understanding Mainland – Second Life Land Governed by Linden Labs

I started the video off with mainland because I currently own a home on mainland.  Mainland is governed by Linden Labs and can only be owned by premium users.  However, there are lots of different companies that rent mainland.  If you’re an avid traveler in SL – road trips, flights, sailing then mainland is a great option because you have access to large continents that connect to other sims by road, air and water.  Prices on mainland tend to be a bit more pricey because of that but if you’re renting but you can find all sorts of deals when purchasing land.

Things to Know About Mainland

  • You pay a one time purchasing fee that will vary depending on the seller if you’re a premium user.
  • Premium users do not pay a weekly tier, but depending on the size of the land it may increase your premium fees. Premium users get 1024 meters free with their account. Your linden home is 512 if you have one and you still have 512 meters to own land elsewhere.  My mainland cabin is free because of this!
  • Non-premium users can rent mainland from premium users.  A lot of times you will see rental signs on land or you can search.  I’ve always found mine through travelling the grid and seeing rental signs.  There are lots of companies that do this. I used to rent with CIY, I do NOT recommend.  You can also search mainland for rent in world or on forums and find more options.
  • There are TONS of well designed great looking mainland sims that look great because people come through, buy multiple plots and build really cute neighborhoods.
  • Renting some mainland sims are typically more expensive than other types of sims because of their accessibility and they are catered to people who enjoy that aspect of Second Life.
  • Connected to roads, waterways and airways so you can travel around countless sims.
  • Premium users can potentially find land for free
  • Not all sims restart as often as other types of sims.  They usually restart on Tuesdays during maintenance or you could submit a ticket for a restart.  Generally mainland sims can be laggy, typically on sims with a lot of traffic and businesses
  • There are no restrictions on what people can put out on their land so you could always get a neighbor with ugly content.  You could always permanently derender their objects or simply find a sim that is designed and decorated to your liking.

2. Linden Homes

Linden homes are also governed by Linden Labs and on mainland, however these are pre-designed neighborhoods and you’re typically safe from a neighbor rezzing something too ugly (massive buildings) because all of the neighborhoods are built to look like a residential neighborhood.   However, just like in real life, you could get a neighbor with bad design taste.  You can also sail, drive and fly from sim to sim.

Things to Know About Linden Homes

  • You must be a premium user to get one
  • You’ll enter a lottery and be randomly assigned a home, depending on the type of home you want – houseboat, house, trailer, Victorian home
  • You get about 350 prims and control all land rights, as its owner
  • You can change the home’s style (within theme) and colors/textures of the house.
  • These are brand new to Second Life and there was a lot of excitement when released
  • There are lots of nice communities and you could get lucky and have active neighbors…. or get lucky and not have active neighbors, depends on what you want.
  • They are very well designed neighborhoods that allow travel
  • They cost nothing for premium users
  • They are not easy to get.  There are a limited number of homes available and you may have to wait and continue to try for the home you want
  • You cannot use your linden home for business or rent it out.

3.  Community Sims – Second Life Land Managed by Residents

Want to live in a metropolis? No problem.  There are tons of community sims out there.    These are great for those who want Second Life land without all the building associated with it.  A quick in world search for community will yield lots of results of great places to live.  I showed one of my small neighborhoods at The Monarchy Estates in the video.  (ps Queenbmommi Resident is the one to contact if you’re interested in renting with me or going on the waitlist for the new sim). These are owned by other residents and can be as small as a single parcel or large with multiple sims connected.  A lot of the sims may have a role play component, businesses in the city, etc.  Depending on how active the sim is, you may have neighbors and the opportunity to meet other people.

Renting Second Life Land – Things to Know About Community Sims

  • They are owned by other Second Life residents and rules/etc will vary
  • You usually find vacancies at a rental office on the sim or potentially a website.
  • Absolutely no premium account needed – find a neighborhood you like, rent and voila!
  • You can live in a very beautiful home that you do not have to spend the time designing or landscaping yourself.
  • You’ll often have other things to do on sim in addition to your house.  Many have additional hangouts and even stores to shop
  • They have a great sense of community and are perfect for those hoping to socialize a bit
  • You don’t have to worry about a neighbor rezzing a big ugly build and a lot of communities protect the sim’s aesthetic.  You won’t usually find anything too ugly outside of a home.
  • If you do not want neighbors, community sims are not for you
  • Land rights and how many options you have will truly vary depending on the sim/owner.  Just find one you like with the amount of freedom you want!

3. Purchasing Your Own Land

There are TONS of companies in Second Life that just sell land for you to do whatever your heart desires.  You can purchase a full sim, homestead sim (private but less prims) or a portion of a sim (parcel).  See my Second Life glossary for more terms and definitions.  You actually own the land and can choose to run a business, put a home down, etc and you can truly rate shop for the best options.  Search in world or on forums for land to rent.

Things to Know About Land Ownership

  • You can choose to lease land directly from other residents or companies in world by paying a weekly tier.  Most let you buy the land but it is still governed by another Second Life resident unless you buy the entire sim
  • You can also buy land directly from Linden Labs
  • Land is usually zoned as residential or commercial.  You will not be able to put out businesses on residential sims – like clubs, stores, etc. But you can always rent them out.
  • They will also be categorized as general, moderate or adult
  • You have a lot of control over land you own – including terrain rights that allow you to build, design, parcel off and sell/rent land
  • They are typically less laggy than mainland
  • Depending on how much of the sim you own, you may be able to control sim restarts or simply request them through the company you rent with.
  • You can choose to build on the ground level or in the sky (also an option with mainland)
  • Great option for starting a business
  • You can search and rate shop
  • If you do not purchase the land through Second Life, another resident owns them and you’re subject to the professionalism of that resident.  You should always be cautious about paying for a lot of time in advance.  Worst case scenario, something could happen and they could disappear from the grid.  I tend to pay weekly.  The most I’ve paid in advance was 3 weeks.  Just make sure you aren’t going so far ahead that it would feel like a loss if they disappeared.
  • If you only lease a parcel, you could have neighbors that can rez monstrosities out

4. How to Sell/Rent Second Life Land

I will most likely do a separate post about this because there is a ton of information.  However, if you own a plot of land and you want to rent it out or maybe even create a community of your own, here are some quick tips.

  • You can parcel land off by editing the terrain and making multiple plots available – great option for those building communities.  Instead of just putting houses next to each other, parcel them off.  Decorate your sim first, then select the land around a house and divide it.  This will allow separate settings and even security for that one house.  Need help doing it? Check this out.
  • You’ll need to determine how much space, how many prims, and how many rights your residents will get
  • Once your sim is completed and parceled off, you’ll need a rental system that will allow your residents to make payment.  One of the most popular is Casper.  They also have security that links to your rentals so residents can control their own security.
  • You may also need to create a land group so you can give renters certain rights, such as rezzing.
  • If you want to automate things – ie automatically send renters a group invite when they rent – you can use a bot service to automate your group.  The most popular is smartbots.
  • You’ll need to promote your available rentals through a website, social media, Second Life forums, or by throwing events on your land.

5. Where to Buy Furniture

I’m sure this list will grow but a few places I recommended in the video.

  • Trompe
  • Loft & Aria
  • Mudhoney
  • Fancy Decor
  • Apple Fall
  • Hive
  • Contraption
  • Fourth Wall
  • Pilot
  • Bazar
  • Architect

6. Where to Buy Houses

This is also another never-ending list.  You can find a lot of stores on marketplace so I recommend shopping around for exactly what you want but here are a few I like.

  • Felgo
  • Trompe
  • Onsu
  • Diamandis
  • Compulsion

7. Design & Decorating Services

If you want to find a decorator, I recommend shopping around. Find someone who is going to actually listen to your vision, understand what you enjoy in Second Life and have photos and examples for you to see! I use Facebook groups to find people.  Here is one that seems helpful.  Another option is to search blogs for inspiration.  A lot of bloggers list all the items used in their posts and you can shop around!  Here is the Flickr group I use to find decor bloggers.

Things to Keep in Mind About Decorators

  • They typically own all of the furniture and everything needed for your design. So what you pay for is the actual service but you also do not have to shop around for furniture.
  • Make sure they are up for the job! If you’re limited on prims, make that clear before you hire them and make sure they’re capable of doing what you need in the amount of prims you have available.  If you have a large home, look for someone who has done large homes
  • They’ll do all the heavy lifting! They come with furniture, completely your home, easy peasy
  • You can purchase design packages for your full house or specific rooms
  • Unless they give you edit rights for their objects, you cannot move anything they put out in your home.


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