Second Life Glossary

Second Life 101 is a YouTube series dedicated to new Second Life residents but opened to long time residents who wish to share their expertise or learn something new. Wednesdays at 6:30pm SLT.

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Sometimes you just need some one on one time.  More sessions coming soon to spend time helping you with anything you need more help with: appearance, business, land, etc.  2020 calendar will be listed here and in Discord!

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This list will continue to grow but here are some common terms used in Second Life that I’ve learned over the years.  I also thought people were speaking a foreign language when I first joined.

AFK - Away from keyboard. Usually used when someone needs to step away and not readily available on their viewer.

AO - Animation override, used to animate your avatar. They include stands, walks, runs, sits, turns, and more. Everyone needs one in Second Life. You can purchase a full AO or purchase individual items. Need help with AO? View the video.

BOM - Bakes on Mesh - I barely know... lol jk. Simple answer - it gives you the ability to apply system avatar layers to mesh. Your mesh must be BOM enabled for it to work.

Framerate (FPS) - Located in the upper right hand corner of your viewer, displaying your frames per second.  This indicates your viewer's performance.  The higher the number the less you will lag.


Lag/Laggy - When your viewer is running slow, freezing, etc. Lag is usually caused by high scripts in the area, on other avatars or on your own avatar.  Keeping scripts and complexity low will help.

Landmark - A location in Second Life.  People can send you landmarks so you can go directly to a place.  When you visit places you can also save a landmark so you are able to go back there.

Layers - Your avatar is made up of layers. You have system layers - such as tattoos, make up, hair bases, possibly clothing.  Mesh bodies and faces are also made up of layers where you can apply skins, tattoos, enhancements, possibly clothing, etc.

Look at Targets - a feature found in your preferences that allow you to see, show or hide your look at targets.  These are little crosses (aka crosshairs) that will show what you are looking at.  If you zoom to another avatar or object your cross will lock in on that target.  Other avatars will be able to see what you are looking at unless you hide them.

Mainland - Governed by Linden Labs. Only premium members can own mainland but a lot of premium members also rent out mainland.  Mainland sims connect to other sims, allowing you to drive, sail and fly for long distances.  Mainland stretches across several continents and can be used for private residences, commercial sims and various destinations.

Mass Tp - A mass teleport is a teleport sent to a large group of people.  A lot of DJs and event hosts may send these.  You'll usually see these if someone is planning a party or an event. They're not always meant for you specifically but inviting you to join the fun. If you don't want to receive them, don't add people who mass tp or hide your online status from them.

Mesh - objects created by residents in some external software.  You will find mesh bodies, heads, and most contemporary items, furniture, buildings, cars, etc.

Parcel - A portion of a sim/land. May have different settings or different owners than other areas on the sim.

Parcel Off - to split or divide land on a sim. You can add different configurations for this piece of land

Prim - A basic non mesh object that can be used for building

Prims - The virtual "weight" of any object that you would rez out.  All sims have a limited amount of prims available, every single item is consisted of prims.  You can only rez out items if you have enough prims on the sim/parcel available.

Rez/rezzing - Can relate to placing an item in world or loading. ie when you first log in to the world or a sim and things are grey or fuzzy, they are still rezzing.

Rezzing an item - When you drag something from your inventory out to a sim, like furniture or objects.  ie: I'll rez a sofa out for you

Rezzing a prim - Rezzing a basic object block. Prims are used most often to rez other items on top of safely and can also be used for building.

Shape - worn on your avatar that determines, along with skins and other appearance features, how you will look.  These can be purchased and edited. You have control over your face and body features. Shapes cannot be unworn, only replaced. If you need help with shapes, view the video.

Sim - A location in Second Life.  A sim is the large piece of land and may be divided into parcels. People own sims for their homes, clubs, stores, and all other destinations. Anywhere you go in Second Life is a sim.  There are full sims, homestead sims which are usually private, and mainland sims which connect to other sims that make up continents.

Skin - Work on your avatar to determine how you look. Skins are applied to your system avatar, if you wear mesh you will use appliers that match your head/body to display skin.  You can also use bakes on mesh (BOM) to apply system skins to your mesh, if enabled by your skin/body creator.  You cannot remove a system skin, you can only replace it.

System Avatar - Your basic avatar that you are given when joining SL.  We all have a system avatar underneath our mesh, hidden by alphas.  System avatars are not as high quality as mesh and are therefore not often used.

Teleport/TP - teleporting is a way to get around Second Life. You can teleport via teleporters that will take you from one location to another.  People can also send you direct teleports to bring you directly to them.  You can send people teleports to bring them to you.  People will often say tp me.  This means they want to come to where you are.  See "mass tps" to understand group teleporting.