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I came across a new Second Life destination while doing one of the Drivers of SL grid drives.  If you have done one of these, they are essentially Second Life road trips, led by a really cool GPS navigator that takes you around different mainland regions.  The grid drives usually have a theme or some sort of role play component. A lot even integrat GTFO, a freight delivery game in Second Life.  This particular drive was all about winter sports.  While I may have tired out pretty quickly, I was more than relieved to come across a bookstore/coffee shop that made the entire drive worth it.

Second Life Destinations

Second Life Destinations are different regions or places you can visit. SL curates a list of their own. But it’s also pretty cool to discover your own. I personally like the types of destinations you can stumble upon and those are typically located on mainland.  This particular Second Life destination was located in a super cute winter town on the sim Kitzbuhel.  It’s got a winter cabin vibe and when you walk in you’ll find a set up similar real life bookstores.  The part that completely sold me where the books. Each book has a cover of an actual book and when you click it, the link leads you to an online archive where you can actually read all of the titles here!  And there are some pretty interesting reads.  I do tend to like cozying up on a cool winter day with some Stephen King or Dean Koontz.

All About This Bookstore Coffee Shop

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If horror isn’t your thing, you’ll find all types of genres here – suspense, romance, biographies, poetry, comics, sci-fi, history and more. There are lots of places to sit and read and if you need to keep your avatar warm you can grab a bite and a latte at the cafe counter. I thought the coffees were such a cute feature. Once you click, you have the option to order in or to go and you get the options for latte, cappuccino, or coffee.  No need to accept anything into your inventory. You simply approve the animation and the drink auto attaches.

Beyond the coffee and donuts, there are lots of places to get comfortable. Plenty of chairs and sofas, including my favorite chair with a working blanket.  You’ll also find some games to play around the cafe.  We spent some time playing a raunchy adult game but its definitely a cool way to either get to know new people or have some fun with friends.

See The Video

The cafe was one of the stops of the grid drive. Stop by the Bookstore Cafe to enjoy it yourself and visit the Drivers Group HQ for more drives!

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