It’s time we all had our very own Second Life custom closet.  We all know my least favorite thing to do in SL is decorating. But we must! I shan’t complain because I adore how the closet turned out.  So, for today’s speed edit, I finally tackled my mess of a closet.  I even managed to carve out some space for Ezra.  I’m such a good wife.

I talked about land a while ago but if you’re ready to make your home feel like home, join me tonight as we chat about decorating tips and if you’re feeling up for it, have at it with your own closet!

Tips on Making a Second Life Custom Closet

  1. Deconstruct! You could always find a fabulous closet to use but most of the great and cost efficient closets are bare! So you’re going to need some clutter. My favorite thing to do is finding trendy gacha closets and tearing them apart! All you need to do is make sure you have an open space to rez, go into the edit menu and hit unlink.  If you’re afraid to do that just click “edit linked” in the edit menu, select the piece(s) you want and then click unlink. You’ll be able to grab just the one piece.
  2. Size Doesn’t Matter ~ Most closets come in several pieces so you can arrange them however you like. Don’t be afraid to flip things sideways, play with scaling, etc.
  3. Play with textures. Always look for closets that are modifiable or “mod” so you can adjust things like size and texture.  If something just isn’t the right color then change the color using the texture tab in the edit window or find a good texture for it. If you find a texture, you’ll want to make sure you apply it to the correct “face” and may need to resize. Be sure to check my Second Life 101 video tonight on Decor Hacks for more detail on how to do this.
  4. Floors and walls matter. I usually add a blank prim to the walls and floors so I don’t have to experiment on my actual walls and floors.  There are tons of texture shops out there. My favorite is ProMaterials.
  5. Add your personal touch. I’m a huge plant person so I knew I wanted there to be plenty of plants in my space. Try to find items that really represent your personality so you don’t feel like you’re just in a model closet, but really at home.

Photo Time?

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Second Life Custom Closet Speed Edit & Credits

  • Original Closet | Bazar Glam Closet
  • New Closet | Diamandis – Donatella Closet (comes in black, pink and white for $145L… all colors!!!)
  • Shoes/Clothes | Reign Gacha – Princess & Beachhouse Closet
  • Trendy Shoes | Garbaggio
  • Desk | DBY – Makeup Youtuber Set
  • 4 Framed photos | $OZZY$ – Picture Love
  • Soy. – Potted Traveler’s Palm Tree
  • Soy. Shag Shag Stool
  • Soy. Knotted Hanging Cloth
  • Loft & Aria – Roma Daybed
  • The Loft – Tennyson Zebra Rug
  • Buildworksdecor ~ Superstar MakeUP Case

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