Second Life Creators at The Monarchy Mall in Bayside City Second Life

If you’re anything like me, you may be experiencing some intense nostalgia lately.  Honestly, for me late 90s, early 2000s are hitting hard.  I’ve been missing my life as a mall rat. You know, calling my friends on my hot pink flip phone, hopping in my Beetle and heading to the mall to lurk, boy watch, and shop at the cutest finds.  Because malls are practically a dying breed in real life, I had to have that experience in Second Life.  And with the help of some of Second Life’s most sought after Second Life creators, we were able to bring this to life.

About The Monarchy Mall in Bayside City

The Monarchy Mall is located at the landing point of The Monarchy, which has recently come to Bayside City.  The Monarchy is an adult club focused on role play and catering to diverse interests. It’s new home, bayside City is a vibrant city stretched across three regions with home rentals, flourishing businesses and lots of opportunities to dine, drive, work out, visit the salon, have a tarot reading and most importantly, role play!

This mall represents everything that makes Bayside City and The Monarchy such a hot destination.  Bringing together role play and commerce, residents have the opportunity to stretch their imaginations, write and vlog their stories and also make a living.  This mall is pushing that even further.

Click here to visit The Monarchy & Mall

Click here to Visit Bayside City

Role Play & Shopping

I’ve always been an avid role player in Second Life.  And I remember living in cities, driving my car to a parking lot before teleporting out to visit my favorite stores.  I wanted an environment where I could leave my home, hop in the car, stop for gas on the way, park and just head right in to shop.  We’ve brought the best Second life creators together to make that a reality.

The mall sits on nearly half a region.  Visitors will find lots of role play features – including XeoLife scripted benches, food and lavatories.  You’ll be welcomed by lots of mall sounds and some NPC shoppers.  Browse the two floors at your own leisure.  Then easily teleport up to The Monarchy for even more role play.

Fake Society at The Monarchy Mall

Stores to Shop

Phedora  |  Spoiled  |  Mug  |  Remezzo  |  Queenz  |  Muggleborn  |  Glitzz  |  MUSE  |  Rosary  |  Off-Line  |  Reign  | Havoc  |  Rosary  |  Plush Studios  |  Shy Doll  |  Domina  |  Maai  |  Rama  |  Sibilla  |  Crybunbun  |  Mewsery  |  IYF  |  Fake Society  |  Kuni  |  Venom  |  Blonds  |  Supernova  |  Darzt  |  Alter

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