Hello, my darling neglected blog. I’m sorry I’ve forsaken you. However, I am back with a peek into the life of a Second Life creator.  In all honesty, I’ve just been trying to figure out things – what I’m going to post here. Will I add all this new real life content. Who knows. But let’s break this blog silent treatment to talk about today’s video with Mistah Moose.

Mistah Moose is a Second Life creator and 3D artist who owns the store Musu.  His products range from cute decor, weapons, apparel… you name it, he’s got it.  And there’s always one thing you can count on – impeccable quality no matter what you’re in the mood for.

I decided to sit down and have a chat with Moose about the world of creating in Second Life, some of the struggles creators experience and the relationship between creators and bloggers.  I’ve been very curious about these things and thought it was finally time to ask the questions. Albeit, some were tough questions. So, thank you Moose for your grace.

Check out the full video below and definitely check out Musu (and engage!).

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