I’ve mentioned I’m a huge fan of road trips but I never knew there was a whole group dedicated to them with an awesome interactive hud.  So, riddle me surprised and excited.  Drivers of SL is a group in Second Life that releases a new hud every 2 weeks.  They have a group drive at 11:59 on the Saturday after the hud has been released and each trip usually includes several methods of transport.  Of course, the bulk of the trip requires a car to drive but some of the trips may include a flight, a boat ride, train ride, biking, hiking or even horse riding if that’s your thing.

Once you’ve attached the hud, it’ll request tp permissions to get you to the starting point. Some of these trips have “quests” involved.  The first I ever did involved picking up a package from a location and delivering it to someone.  There was a check point we had to make it to and wait for the package to arrive.  There was actually a truck that came by a few minutes after we arrived to drop off a package that actually was sent to accept into our inventory.  Once we had it the hud directed us to the next checkpoint where we had to park, make our way to a barn where there was an actual avatar who was scripted with the hud to give us more instructions.

I took another that had us make our way through a forest, sail out to a dock and meet some guy who needed us to…. pick up trash at some national parks then sent some rush call to put out a fire at a GoKart track.  So, on top of seeing so many new places on the grid and plenty of photo ops along the way, there’s usually a fun backstory to each trip.  That’s my favorite part about it.

Leaving my Mark

Now, one thing you should know about me… I’m obsessed with acquiring mainland.  It’s so hard for me to drive past for sale signs on mainland and not make a purchase.  I’ve done it now on 2 of the 3 trips I’ve taken.

My first trip actually led me to this awesome hiking trail on Mount Campion which is a pretty long trail, nearly 6,000 meters of trail to walk, jog, ride horses or bikes.  I came across a tiny plot, the perfect size for a food truck so I decided to put out a cute little juice truck by Faith & Flower.  So if you’re hiking the trail or need a place to start and hydrate be sure to stop by! Click here to teleport.

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The second trip I went on, it was just too hard to resist an available plot.  The little city you start out in is incredibly well designed and adorable.   I’m putting a little vacay home out, which is a part of another project a Vanderbuilt is working on that I can’t wait to share with you.  I’ll circle back and leave a slurl here once I’ve finished decorating.


How to Take Your First Trip

Join the Drivers of SL group and you’ll find the most recent hud in the notices.  This week’s drive was geared around racing, not a personal fave because I absolutely suck at driving fast but I tried!  I’ve enjoyed the last 2 more but you won’t find those 2 in the Drivers of SL group.  I’ve left them in the Royal Getaways group if you want to grab them.  I’m not sure how long everything stays out for the trips.  For the full experience, the most recent probably work best but I took the drive from January 5th just yesterday and it worked fine.

  1. Add the hud.  It’ll begin to configure, ask for TP permissions
  2. TP to the starting point and look at local chat for instructions. Some may need you to start with a car, a train, a plane, etc
  3. Once the hud is on, follow the arrow.  If its facing down and red, you’re headed in the wrong direction.  You’ll want to make sure its green.  It’ll tell you when to make a turn, it’ll warn you about any rough sim crossing, upcoming banlines, etc.  Be sure to keep sound on, its similar to a RL GPS and will guide you on your drive.
  4. The trip is divided up into several different destinations and before making it to each destination there are several waypoints.  Think of waypoints like places you may need to turn, possibly change vehicles or like rest stops (rez points).  They’re listed in meters (ignore the distance on mine, I added the hud while I was at home to snap a photo).
  5. If you lose track of your friends or relog and it resets you can click the circle and it’ll give you more options.  There’s a page-looking icon you can click and select the leg of the trip you need to go to.  I honestly have no idea what the other icons do. I haven’t had to use them.



Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You will cross lots of sims.  Sim crossings are tough.  When driving, I always recommend removing your hand from your keys and let the car go through the crossing and go on about your journey once it’s finished tossing you around.  If you try to drive through it while you’re car is back flipping through the grid, you may fall out and lose your vehicle.
  • Stop and see the sights!  I’m still so impressed with everything that exists on mainland and how fun it is to actually drive through different areas.
  • It’s fun to go in a group but can be laggy.  I still recommend either driving with the rest of the Drivers of SL.  If you’re just starting out and want to go with a smaller group, keep an eye on Royal Getaways.  I’ll send invites to join along.
  • Keep your scripts low! Remove unnecessary huds, be sure to wear clothing that isn’t script heavy and try to keep a low complexity. It’ll help with sim crossings and reduce lag for people with you.
  • Get a car that navigates well. I’m driving a Haru Motors car in all of these photos (except the racing car. That was available to drive at the track on the most recent drive).  If navigation isn’t the highlight of your car, you’re going to notice when trying to make it through those sim crossings.

Have fun! Feel free to tag me in photos or mention me. I’d love to see how your trips are going.  I’ve pulled pretty much all of my friends into these and would love to see how others enjoy theirs.

Here are a few other shots from my trips

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