Review/Sponsor Policy

Meela VanderbuiltTo My Viewers/Readers

Thank you for visiting!  My YouTube channel and blog are dedicated to documenting some of my favorite experiences, products and creativity in virtual worlds and games, namely Second Life.  I also share my experiences setting up my channel and finding balance between my real life and gaming.

I post fair & honest reviews of products, businesses, venues and experiences with these games and brands in Second Life. All opinions are my own and these reviews may include free experiences, paid and gifted. I do not accept compensation for reviews and will always note when a post or video is sponsored.  I will also share details of products/services that I love and am excited about sharing in my real life and gaming!

To Brands

I am happy to share:

  • Lifestyle, beauty, skincare, fashion items
  • Gaming equipment
  • Games
  • Technology suited for people interested in gaming and virtual platforms, communication and YouTube

Please send any inquiries via email.

To Second Life Creators

If you are interested in sharing a Second Life product/service/etc, collaborate on a dedicated video or sponsor a giveaway, please visit my Second Life Sponsorship page.

I am more than happy to share any brand or product that fits the style or the interest of myself and viewers.  I will not use any sort of blogging platform in Second Life. If you would like me to share your brand or product, click here.  My Second Life IMs are capped so any details I can use when sharing, please send via notecard or email. Please send as many details as possible in your first contact, as I may not always be able to respond prior to sharing your product.

  • Please include any details about the product you want shared along with links to your social pages and store links.
  • Please share any corresponding sales, giveaways, contests, etc that would be of interest to viewers or anything you are willing to offer my viewers, if applicable.
  • I cannot guarantee a deadline surrounding your release dates unless the product fits within my content calendar. If I am able to share the product(s), I will provide a timeline.
  • If you need a specific date or are requesting I share an event planned on a specific date, my content is planned 3-4 weeks in advance,  please inquire about timeframe prior.  If it fits in for an upcoming stream, I’m more than happy to include it but cannot make guarantees for last minute requests.
  • I cannot commit to dedicating a full video to your product or business. If you are interested in sponsoring a post, please click here for sponsorship options. Most products/services will be shared alongside others.
  • I will share a completely honest review. I do not post negative reviews. If I have visited the store and purchased a product and there are aspects that do not fit my particular taste, I will use that type of language when communicating it.  If gifted, I will communicate with you if it does not fit my particular style and may not be shared. Again, you’re more than welcomed to contact or send a demo prior to sending a complete product.  My time in Second Life is limited and I will try on demos as time permits.

Any questions or ideas on collaborating, please do not hesitate to reach out!