Now, my Second Life avatar is all about makeup but I am no makeup pro in real life.  However, I do like to dabble.  One thing that’s made me really interested in makeup is 1. this transition to being in front of a camera and some pretty intense lights and 2. playing dress up to match my Second Life avatar.

So today, in the middle of a hectic work day I thought it would be fun to create a colorful look that reminded me of Meela.  This was also my first time trying SheGlam, the affordable beauty line by Shein and needless to say, it did not disappoint. This is a whole new level of playing dress up.  If you haven’t joined Second Life yet, click here and join and check out my tutorials

On My Second Life Avatar

  • Hair – Ade Jasmine Reds Pack
  • Eyebrows – Sagnis Eyebrow Set #003
  • Eye Shadow – Velour Joana Eye Shadow
  • Eyeliner – Starlight Cosmetics – Amy Liner
  • Lipstick – Top1Salon Burgeon lipstick
  • Necklace – Minimal Oblivion Necklace
  • Top – #Dios Marina LTX

My Real Life Look

Meela Vanderbuilt Second Life Avatar

Wig – $87.95

Eyebrows – $23

Eye Shadow – $2.50

Eyeliner – $3.50 (honestly my new favorite liquid liner. It made this cateye super easy)

Lashes – $9.98

Blush – $4.50

Highlight – $4

Lip Liner – Color Solo Dance $2.50

Lipstick – Color Haters $4

Necklace (Snake) – $4

Necklace 2 – $9

Watch – $5

Bracelets – Chunky– $2.50, Rhinestone –$5

Top – $9

Let’s Talk About SheGlam

Now, I’ve always been one to believe the more expensive makeup is, the better it is.  And when it comes to foundation, that might still be true but I cannot get over how inexpensive all of the Sheglam makeup is.  I was really expecting something that resembled makeup that used to come with dolls in the 90s but this collection does not disappoint.  So I am totally preparing to stock up on the eyeliner.  Typically MAC and Still are my go to eyeliners to achieve a cateye but this went on smooth! And it’s a great dark black and the brush is easy to use, which is important for a makeup noob like me.

It is still hard to believe how pigmented the eye shadow was. I only used one color and just tossed some highlight on the inner corners. I did order a few different shadows that I plan to use in an upcoming video on YouTube.  My issue is always pigment. If there’s not enough color I have no idea what I’m doing.  I barely had to cake this one. With very minimal effort, that color popped!

Liquid blush is new for me and was a lot of fun to play with.  Finally a blush that shows up easily on my skin tone.  So, I ended up applying it with my fingers, which of course made it easier but its a flawless application.

I’ve only recently discovered Shein but I’ve been grabbing lots of pieces for YouTube streams and IG photos.  If you’re looking to match your avatar, they definitely have the styles to do it!  If you like posts like this and want more RL shop recommendations, let me know in comments!

Looking for More?

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2 Replies to “Recreating My Second Life Avatar Look in Real Life”

  1. Muva says: January 29, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    What skin is that? It’s so glowy! The boob glow, yaaas.

    1. Meela says: February 2, 2021 at 12:29 pm

      im not sure, its from It Girls though

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