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Ok, so if we haven’t met I’ll preface this by saying I’m a huge fan of filming in Second Life.  I film probably as much as most people snap and hell, I snap a lot too.  I’m not as big of a fan of editing but I throw something together ever so often.

That leads me to streaming!  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with streaming live to Facebook as I explore random sims or go on SL drives/flights.

Now, I’ve upped the ante a bit and I’m streaming all sorts of stuff – events, tours, geeking out and…actually gaming.

I’m no gaming expert.  Last game I played other than The Sims (no, nothing recent…probably The Sims Bustin’ Out – remember that?!?) was probably this 90s game called Fighting Force or Driver.  If you remember Driver, we’re friends.  Needless to say, I never game BUT I do watch gamers pretty often.  I’ve got a Twitch channel I never use, ya know, because I don’t game but I watch a lot of streams and I watch tons of GTA videos on Youtube.  Strange obsession for a non-gamer.

This is going to be a long post.  I’ll post details about #LAB – a brand new gaming bar & lounge at The Vanderbuilt, what software to get, how to record in Second Life and how to stream.  So grab whatever info you need and tag me in your streams! You know I’ll love to watch and let me know if you want a gamer/streamer/vlogger tag from #LAB.

#LAB is Open at The Vanderbuilt.

#LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge is a new venue for those looking for a different type of date night, those who just want to chill out and of course gamers who want to get in some gaming!  We will be hosting movie nights and most excitingly game nights where you can join in on the game we’re playing and optionally, be added to our live stream!

We plan to have tons of fun with it – have some competitions, dive into some free-play and more.

You’re also welcomed to come connect with other gamers to find gaming partners, watch them play or stream live while you’re there.

We also welcome any filmmakers, vloggers or anyone who wants to use the space.  There are 3 levels to utilize and lots of food/snacks to indulge in.  Waitresses coming soon!

Here’s a quick peek – click here if the video doesn’t play.

And click here to teleport!

How Can I marry my love for SL and Gaming Streams?

I’m always excited to marry my interests so as I continued to stream, I learned more about streaming software and one of my friends actually convinced me to game the other night.  So a few of us hopped on and played Dead by Daylight and my Second Life avatar streamed live to facebook.

It was a lot of fun being on the streaming end so here are a couple tips and tricks on becoming a gaming streamer in Second Life and hop over to #LAB to get your start!

(Click here to watch the video if it doesn’t play)

Setting Up Your Software.

First things first, you’ll need streaming software.  I’ve used both OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS.  I prefer Streamlabs OBS so that’s what I’ll be using for this post.  To stream you’re going to need:

  • Streaming software (Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio – both free!!)
  • A Facebook page (if using Streamlabs – not your profile but a business page), Youtube, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer, or Picarto
  • Video Capture software

Capture Your Second Life Gamer Source.

So you know how when you watch a gaming video there is usually a video of the actual gamer somewhere in the corner of the screen.  Or maybe the full screen and the gaming video is in the corner somewhere.  In the video above, you’ll notice I have my Second Life avatar in the corner as I play the game.

There are 2 ways to do this.

Capture Video First

If you don’t want to run your Second Life viewer and a game at the same time, which is smart because you’re about to have a ton of programs open, then simply grab a video of your avatar in world first.  Get yourself an awesome gaming set up or head over to #LAB.  Have a seat, select your animation and open your video capture software and film about 60 seconds of your avatar.  It’s good to allow a few face animations to play and even type so your lips move a few times.

How to Film in Second Life

I won’t spend too much time here because this could honestly be a post of its own.  If you want a full post on it, let me know and I’ll share everything I know about filming.  You can download a game recorder, use Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio to film, or the easiest method – if you use a PC and have Windows 10, your computer comes with a game recorder.

Simply launch Second Life, hit the windows key + g and this opens a filming dialog.  The round button is your recorder.  You can also hit crtl+alt+R to start recording.

Now this will capture your entire screen so to hide your interface hit ctrl + alt + F1 and to hide all your huds without deteaching hit alt + shift + H. (shoutout to the dude on Facebook who showed me that a couple years ago… totally forgot who it was!).

Set Up Your Streamlabs OBS scene

The thing I LOVE about Streamlabs – they have a library of FREE themes to use.  Open up your Streamlabs OBS and navigate to the theme library.

That will bring you to a page with tons of theme options.  You can also completely customize these so if you come across a theme you love with features you don’t want you can always hide them later.  Once you find your favorite, click “install overlay.”

This will give you several page options to customize.  Depending on how pro-gamer you plan on getting you may or may not use these.  The options are in your far left column.  What you’ll definitely want to make sure you have is a “Live Screen” option.  A BRB or Pause page is good too if you plan on streaming for long amounts of time and need to step away.  It’s easier to just click that tab than completely closing and restarting your stream.

Once you click “Live Screen,” you’ll have all these sources.  Sources are the elements on the screen.  If there are elements you don’t want, simply hide the source by clicking the little eye icon.  The first you may notice is your webcam. Yes, its going to grab that webcam so hide or right click and completely delete!

Replace The Webcam with Your Second Life Video Capture.

To add your Second Life capture of your avatar chilling out and playing, in the “Sources” column, click the + sign and that will open a dialog with all the possible sources to add.  To add a video, you want to select Media Source then hit “Add Source.”

Then you can locate the capture on your computer and upload it.  Click the option to make it “Loop” and then add.  Once you add, its going to take over your full screen.  Just resize it then in the source column, drag that media source layer below the source layer titled “frame.”

You can also crop the video to fit perfectly by right clicking the layer in the source column, clicking filters, click the arrow to add one and then under filter type click “Crop/Pad.”  Play with those settings until your video is cropped to the size you want.  Once it is, drag your video to the right spot and voila!

Add Your Game Screen.

Now you’ll want to add your game.  In the source column, click the + sign and then select “Game Capture” and “Add Source.”  You’ll enter the name of the Source – ie: Dead by Daylight or if you’re just streaming Second Life – Second Life or Firestorm, etc.  Once you’ve added a name click “Add New Source.”

On this page, hit the “Mode” dropdown and “Capture specific window.”  Under window, select your video. Deselect “Capture Cursor” and then hit done.

Move your game capture to the bottom layer in the Sources column and then Crop to hide anything you don’t want to show.  If you’re streaming from SL and need to keep your interface… so you can sit and TP around or whatever, then I recommend cropping out your L balance and the buttons on the bottom.  You can move the screen around however you want until you get your desired view.

Ready to Go Live!

Now that you’ve set up your scene, you’re ready to go live.  Exactly what you’re seeing in your studio is what people will see live so make sure it looks how you want it to.  Your Streamlabs OBS should have had you login to your account when you opened so all you have to do it hit “Go Live.”  If you have multiple accounts or pages just select where you want the stream to go.  Enter your title and description and go live!

And you are now officially a streamer!

Don’t forget to tag me so I can check out your streams and share your videos!!

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