Second Life Vacation - Fantasy Island

Ok, let’s talk about a major Second Life vacation alert.  Fantasy Island is open! If you remember, during my ‘All About Land‘ live stream I came across an available parcel on mainland. And in true land addict fashion, I couldn’t resist myself.  It took all of a couple seconds for me to decide I wanted an awesome mainland hangout.  Millions of ideas came to mind.

The land replaced an airport so I knew I had to bring something that came with the ability to fly and sail.  I’m a major Second Life voyager  and those are my two favorite modes of transport so voila!

Fantasy Island is a vacation getaway destination, tucked away on mainland.  And, the spirit of role play, the island is rumored to fulfill any fantasy its visitors can dream of but only the natives know the secrets to making it happen.

Second Life Vacation - Fantasy Island - Paradise

What To Expect From Fantasy Island

The Island features 5 private cabins available to rent for only $200L.  Each cabin is on its own parcel, to ensure your privacy and you are able to add any tenants you need.  All tenants listed have full control of security to ensure no unwanted guests make their way into your cabin.  Allowing you all the afk cuddle time your heart desires.  Now, while the Island is rated M, each cabin is fully equipped with furniture that will allow you to have exactly the vacation you need in your own private space (aka, if you want to get it on… you can get it on).  You also have access to televisions, group seating, a mini bar and private dining.

Public Spaces

Beyond the cabins, there is also a public bar and beach.  Both locations are completely open to the public.  No group is needed.  Simply, stop by and enjoy! The bar has table seating, loaded with food options.  Plus, you’ll find plenty of drink givers at the bar.  Expect plenty of happy hour and continental breakfast opportunities.  While this may be an ancient island, its decked out with all of the amenities.  Anyone is welcomed to join in on the fun.

Now, the beach is my favorite area.  There are private cabanas to chill out and plenty of water activities!  There is a simple click animator that’ll allow you to swim as far out as your heart desires.  Two types of jet ski rezzers, windsurf rezzers and of course, a dock that’ll allow you to rez any sort of water or air craft you want to use.  You’ll find a canal off to the side that you’ll have a blast riding through. If you’re looking for a relaxing night on the water, grab a tube and a glass of wine to watch the sun set. Oh and don’t forget about the beach volleyball – its an actual game you can play!

A Second Life Vacation Needs Services

Now, I’m in the business of services so I’ve teamed up with the best of both The Vanderbuilt and The Monarchy to offer a wide variety of awesome things – everything from live room service (including BeYou options), waitressing, massages and of course, companionship (nix the headache of trying to find a vacation buddy if you’re looking).  You’ll also be able to hire pilots and captains right from the island or hop on a trip already planned.

These services will be launched throughout the next couple of weeks so be sure to keep an eye out.  If you’re experienced in flying, sailing or even driving there will be opportunities to offer your services as well.

Second Life Vacation - Fantasy Island

Ready to Plan Your Second Life Vacation?

Renting is nice and easy!  All of the cabins are powered by SLBNB.  If you’re unfamiliar, SLBNB is another Vanderbuilt company that creates different vacation homes around the grid. You can find a unique place to stay or even put your own home up for rent by letting us do the heavy lifting. (Visit in world for more info or check out

You can check Fantasy Island vacancies any time by visiting  The cabin is available, if listed.  Simply, click teleport and it’ll bring you to the entrance of the cabin.  Cabin security will warn you, but also give you 5 minutes to check the place out to make sure you like it before renting.  Also, there are 2 different cabin styles so be sure to have a look around!

Once you’ve decided, simply pay the tablet at the entrance and you’re all set!  You can begin to add guests and manage security automatically.

Want to just visit without renting – click here to teleport!

Keep Up With Everything Going on During Your Stay

Join the SLBNB group in world to keep up with Island activities.  The island will be most active on weekends but as we grow, there will be regular events and services offered all week long!

I hope to see you there and hope you enjoy!


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