National Napping Day is honestly my favorite day.  I may or may not be strongly considering a day in bed today. Anywho, I’m that person who will absolutely let my avatar nap.  I often leave Meela when I need to head to RL.  So, there are a few places I love to use when I want to sneak away and fit a nap in.

Fantasy Island – National Napping Day in Paradise

My newest baby, Fantasy Island, powered by SLBNB, is a tropical getaway situated on mainland.  You’re able to sail, fly or drive to and from the island with ease.  But of course, the cabins and honestly, even the beach cabanas, are perfect for sneaking in a quick nap.  The beach is totally free to use and cabins are completely private, on their own parcels with security you can control for $200L a day!

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SLBNB – National Napping Day Around the Grid is a service connecting residents who have vacant vacation homes with residents looking for a quick and easy getaway.  This is great if you want to change your napping destination.  Located all over the grid, you’re sure to find your favorite place to nap. Full vacation homes starting at $150L a day.

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Essencia Hotel – Hotel Nap Escape

Essencia is still my absolute favorite hotel. Not only are the rooms incredibly realistic but you also have access to an awesome hotel bar, restaurant, pool, spa, and beach with lots of activities to keep you busy before or after your nap.  Rooms start at $150 ranging from twin rooms to amazing delux suites.

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Napping in Tuscany

Tuscany is a massive place to explore but the best part – they have rentals! You may need to rez out some of your own items to make this a truly perfect napping destination but they have really awesome intimately sized cabins.  The entire place is just so relaxing, it is definitely worth a gander!

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Happy Napping!  Hope you have a very relaxing National Napping Day and if there are destinations you think I should check out, let me know!

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