Whew, it’s been a while! I had a pretty hectic holiday season and didn’t have much time to get in world and do anything all that note worthy.  The Monarchy had its big NYE party which was a blast and of course, I had my annual NYE camp out.  I still have the sim because I clearly have a sim-hoarding problem (check out my IG for photos).

But I wanted to come back and of course immediately have an awesome getaway weekend and I really went in search for a few live performances to add to the calendar.  I remember when I first joined SL live performances were my absolute favorite activity.  I don’t just mean live singers but there were a lot of poetry readings, theater performances, ballets and more.  I actually used to go to this super theatrical burlesque show every Friday and it was just really something so fun to get dressed up for and witness.  There’s some serious talent on the grid.

Over the years I haven’t been able to find many shows like this.  I’m sure they still exist but I haven’t found any lately.  If you know of any productions please comment or shoot me a message, I’d love to check them out.

Started off with an Open-Mic Night.

I started the weekend off with an open mic night at a poetry lounge.  It was a pretty good turnout and people participated, all slightly different styles and it was really fun to watch/listen to.  I grabbed a super laggy clip below of one of the girls on mic performing (forgive, my computer was not about that life that night). Watch in HD so it doesn’t blur.

Took it to After Hours

Next up, Rey and I headed over to the live music venue After Hours.  This is actually one of the first live music venues I had ever come across and one of my favorite. They’ve always got an interesting line up of artists.  I hadn’t been in a while and they’ve redesigned.  It actually reminded me of a lot of the bars I went to when I was in undergrad in RL.  It’s got a really cool, grungy vibe.  We caught Thunder Lovenkraft and of course, snapped a few photos before leaving.  Click here to visit.

Wearing the Boeris Tux Dress by Rowne at C88

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things or meeting new people…

Off to The Country Club

For our final show of the weekend, we headed to Evans Country Club to hear some blues by Java Devine Xue.  I think I’ve been a member of the club for a couple years now but haven’t spent much time there.  I’m honestly getting over the party scene in SL so it’s always nice to come across a place that offers a variety.  Evans has live performers, also does open-mic nights and has tons of space to just hang out with friends.  Last I checked, they have a spa too but you know me, if it takes too much advanced planning I get distracted so I’ve never experienced the spa.  I noticed there’s a new mini-golf course, it wasn’t there last I checked and of course they’ve got an awesome tennis court, pool and places to have a drink.  Click here to visit.

Chill Time in Between Shows

Of course, we were checked in at Essencia to hang out in between shows. They’ve remodeled the outdoor area and it’s a great upgrade.  I connected with a few friends and Royal Getaway members for a slumber party and some general weekend relaxation.

Up Next Weekend

You don’t want to miss next weekend’s getaway.  It’ll include an invite to the soft opening of Perch and an awesome road trip created by the Drivers of SL group.  I just did my first one today and it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve experienced in SL.  If you want to join us be sure to join the Royal Getaways group in world.

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