I’ve always been a major fan of keeping a very active social life in SL.  That is one of the reasons I’m here afterall! It’s great to unwind after a busy RL week and hop into an active SL.  I’m also just as big of a fan of shopping as the next person but I like having a reason to get dressed.  I really wanted the opportunity to find other residents who enjoy spending their time in SL similarly.  So, I created the group Royal Getaways.  The initial plan was to just plan a quick getaway vacation every weekend but it has evolved into an effort to truly diversify your social calendar within SL.

Activities – Choose Your Own Adventure

Every weekend, and sometimes during the week, I send out a social calendar full of activities that I love doing. I also ask for feedback regularly.  Some of the activities we’ve experienced as a group thus far – Art Walk, happy hours, wine tastings, brunch, Latin Food Night, various flights through SL, tours of exploration sims, hang gliding, horseback riding, camping, base jumping, road trips, hotel visits and more!


It’s simple. Just join the group Royal Getaways in world and keep an eye on the notices and IMs for updates. The weekend calendar usually goes out on Fridays. Once you have it, decide how involved you want to be and which activities you want to participate in.  There is no charge to join the group and if there are fees associated with any part of the getaway they are noted.

  • Join the group!
  • Check Notices!
  • Teleport to activities!

I usually select a hotel that you can check into, optionally, if you’re truly looking to get away.. Whether or not you check in, you are welcomed to join all the activities we participate in.  So kick back, relax and join us for a great weekend… every weekend!

Second Life isn’t only about shopping and taking photos. This is a great group for those who like to mix things up with getaways, social activity and entertainment!

Not all those who wander are lost.

If you’re a wanderer and looking for a group to join you at some of the amazing sims you come across join and let me know about your favorite sims so we can add them to the calendar!.

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