Second Life Exploration - Sims to Check out - The Galleria Mall

Happy Weekend, Second Life residents! It’s been long awaited on this end.  So, I decided to grab the family and do some exploring yesterday.  Besides all of the aimless sim hopping I did, I found 4 that left me pleasantly surprised.  Two of which will not be open for long so you’ll definitely want to pop in for a visit soon.

The Galleria Mall.

Second Life Exploration - Sims to Check out - The Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall is officially one of my new favorite places and the first stop on my family or girls days out.  It’s a completely functional shopping mall with a bevy of amazing and familiar shops.  And its also made to look like an actual shopping mall.  It combines functionality with role play so I’m obsessed.  You’ll definitely want to check it out.  Plus, there’s a great selection for women, men and kids along with a couple places to grab a bite and even a movie theater. Click here to teleport.

SL16B – Second Life’s 16th Birthday Celebration.

Second Life Exploration - Sims to Check out - SL16B

The SL16B is now open and there are tons of sims to explore, events, including live musicians, and a preview of the new Linden homes theme.  On top of that, there are tons of gifts, pod tours and sightings of a few familiar Lindens.  Most importantly, there is also an awesome retro theme,  probably my favorite aspect of it all.  I actually came to Second Life because I was obsessed with the 50s and spent my entire first couple of years in SL living a 100% retro life.  This was back when there were entire sims dedicated to the lifestyle and a huge community.  However, it slowly died out and I made my way to the general, contemporary side of Second Life.

Making my way around the sim was definitely a walk down memory lane and my favorite part of the entire celebration was the little Second Life timeline.  One of the destinations walks you through every year of Second Life and a few milestones that year.  It’s a great way to learn some general SL history and at the end you can add your own SL16B memory to the time capsule. Click here to check it out!

The Beta Omega Iota Zoo.

Second Life - Meela Vanderbuilt Exploring - Beta Omega Iota ZOO

I’ve always been a fan of zoos in SL.  There are actually a few good ones around SL and some nature reserves if you’re wanting to spend some time with animals.  However, this one is going on my list of favorites.  There are lots of animals to see and a few great spots that make it ideal for role play.  If you have kids, you’ll love some of the features they have for kids.  Little Akello isn’t old enough to participate but if it’s still open when she grows up it’ll definitely be a regular spot for family trips.  The zoo doesn’t currently have a definite close date, but mention on their Facebook page is they should be open at least another month.  Check it out while you can!

And of course – The Vanderbuilt.

Second Life Exploration - Sims to Check out - The VanderbuiltIt’s a perfect time as any to head over to The Vanderbuilt! We’ve got new outdoor seating options and #LAB Gaming Bar & Lounge is now open.  So, be sure to join the group.  We’ve been hosting movie nights and soon we’ll be having some awesome game nights so don’t miss out.  It’s the weekend so Faith & Flower also has a great lunch buffet to indulge in so grab your friends and head over.  Or make it one hell of a date! Click to teleport.



Hope you enjoy! Have any favorite places to hang out? Let me know! Comment below or on Facebook.

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