I usually check into a hotel on the weekends to catch up with friends and meet new people in Royal Getaways.  There have been weekends where we’ve completely booked the entire hotel and it just felt like a big party. I’m actually excited to hear there is a new resort opening this weekend.  I’m planning on stopping by and snapping some pics. I’m sure from what I’ve seen I will fall in love so this is looking like a new destination for our getaway weekends!  But first, let’s dive into my currently choice hotel.

Why I’m Head Over Heels for Essencia

Akira stopped by the hotel for a quick work out session.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve checked into Essencia Hotel Travel & Business for a weekend getaway at this point, but it definitely has become like a second (or 5th lol) home.  The realism on this sim is incredible and it makes for an overall great experience.  You genuinely feel like you are checking into a hotel and it’s a simple and easy process to get checked in.

When you visit you’ll find a link to their site that has a list of available rooms, using rental beam.  I’m so happy more places are using this service. We use it for The Monarchy Estates rentals and for people like me, who just like to get in quick with no hassle, its perfect.  The site displays the types of rooms available, exactly which rooms are open and provides the slurl that takes you right there and you simply pay the rental board.

No waiting for a manager. No looking for a rental office. No drama. Just hassle-free renting by the day.

Why I Choose Essencia Travel & Business Over Other Hotels

I’m used to a ton of communication whenever I log into SL. I usually login to a dozen or so IMs and notecard related to one of my venues, questions about my group or just general messages so when I say I’m ready to get away… I mean it!  I find a lot of times when you’re trying to get away some staff on sims can really… just be in your face, for lack of a better term.  At Essencia, you really have your privacy, everything is automated and there’s no confusion about where you can and cannot go on the sim.  So you can really build the experience you want.

Other reasons to love it:

  • It’s extremely cost efficient! Rooms start at $150L/day and there are deluxe rooms for $250L/day
  • It looks like an actual hotel – you can tell great time went into every single detail of this place
  • The size is right – some spaces in SL can be so big that they never look fully decorated or they just don’t feel warm.  That’s not the case here, everything feels so realistically proportioned.

You’ll find a hotel bar with lounge seating and games.  I like to spend any alone time at the bar, just how I do when I’m on business travel in RL and its felt the same! I’ve met some really cool people by just hanging out at the bar.  I’ve lost a couple rounds of chess and of course I’ve snapped countless photos.  There is also a great restaurant right in the hotel if you truly want the full vacation experience you won’t even need to leave the sim.

At Essencia, you really have your privacy, everything is automated and there’s no confusion…

The List Does Continue

You’ll find a beach right outside the hotel with great options for lounging and swimming.  The pool is a great attraction with lots of space to lounge, a sauna, massage room and gym.  Each room comes with a TV, mini refrigerator for light snacking and actual room service (automated!).  Lots more photos on instagram under #RoyalGetawaysSL.  Outfit details for featured image below.


On Me:

  • Top – vive nine – Tami Ribbed Track Top
  • Bottom – vive nine – Tami Ribbed Track Pants
  • Bottle – ChicChica – Sport Shaker

On Akira:

  • Top – CandyDoll – Dana Shirt
  • Bottom –Pixicat – Sporty.Shorts
  • Chips – ChicChica – Chips

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