Happy Friday!  BeYou cooking has become one of my favorite Second Life hobbies.  Until now, I’ve only cooked beginner meals but this time I jumped in for something a little more complicated.  And after just attempting to grocery shop, I absolutely know why these are more complex.  The shopping was a little tricky, so hopefully I can make it through the meal!

I’ve been going live on YouTube a lot lately.  Because, I don’t always have the time or energy to edit during the week, I’m finding that filming live is a lot easier.  I can usually make the time to pop on for an hour or so.  It’s been so much fun trying to figure out my outfits, doing some SML workouts and, of course, diving into BeYou with you all.

Second Life with Meela Vanderbuilt - Filmed Live for Youtube
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I always feel I go through periods where I lose interest in SL.  Usually, I’ll have a desire to login but once I’m there I’m like ok… now what.  Filming has really helped with that.  I’m on a little hiatus at the club right now because RL work is INSANE and my brain needs a break right now but filming is just so easy and fun to do.  And although these live videos are long, they take zero post-production work!

What I’m Filming Today

I’m going live at 10am SLT (PST) with the second part of yesterday’s BeYou cooking attempt.  I’ll actually be starting the video with getting dressed and ready to cook then head over to the restaurant to get things started.  I’m also filming the second episode of The Great Escape today so if cooking doesn’t completely kick my ass I’m hoping to show you all a few filming locations and possibly give a couple of spoilers (nothing too revealing).

Want to join today’s live?

Click here to watch and chat live with me on YouTube or click here to teleport to Faith & Flower and join me in world.  If you want to check out last night’s live, click here.

What Else is Coming This Weekend

The Second episode of The Great Escape.  If you missed the first episode, follow the series here!  I’ll also be filming another Beauty Favorites video and possible a Sale Weekend shopping Haul (50L Fridays & Saturday Sale).

After Thanksgiving, there will be some sexy Monarchy videos in store just in time to get you in the right mood for the holidays!

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