Second Life Baby avatar customization

Ok so, I admit, I am completely obsessed with avatar customization.  Riddle me just as surprised as you that I never had any interest in Second Life baby avatar customization.  Honestly, just didn’t have any interest in Second Life kids in general for that matter. Well, that all changed when I started my SL family.

Insert Akello.  She started off as Meela’s first pregnancy so I could figure out what goes into it for this blog.  Then of course, we had to deliver a baby so she became a mesh newborn.  Then the new Zooby babies came out so we just had to make her a Zooby. But then I realized actual avatar babies are the same size as Zoobies.

Zoobies can get quite expensive when it comes to upkeep and playing dress up.  It’s also a bit more limited than just having an avatar.  Granted, there are tons of plus sides – the ability to easily carry your baby from sim to sim being one.  But for me, the benefits of the avatar baby outweighed those.  If you want a full comparison of both options, let me know in comments!

Where to Start With Your Baby Avatar Customization

Just with any typical Second Life Avatar Customization, you need to start with a mesh head and mesh body. I’ve come across two bodies I really like for babies – Bebe by Bad Seed and Toddledoo.  I went with Bebe for Akello.  I just really liked the size and detail, it seemed slightly smaller than Toddledoo (not entire sure though). Either way always DEMO!

Bodies & Shapes

Now when it comes to baby avatar customization, just like adults, your shape really makes the look.  Each body comes with a default shape. It’s useful to hang on to those shapes but potentially shop for one that will shape your baby’s head to its desired look.  I purchased my shape from Baby Faces, who also makes the skin I used.

Heads & Skins


Second Life Baby avatar customization - Meela Vanderbuilt

I decided to go with a Genus Baby Face head since I’m familiar with it. However, both Bad Seed and Toddleedoo make heads.  Finding a child shape and skin is what will really matter. The Baby Face head by Genus had a lot of youthful features and the skin store Baby Faces makes baby skins for Genus so it worked out.

You’ll need to find a skin you like for your baby’s face. Search marketplace using the head and body you choose.  ie – genus bebe skin.  I’ve only used Baby Faces, which I strongly recommend.  They are priced pretty high but the best quality I’ve seen. A skin will run you about $1,200L and a body skin/applier about $800L.  Keep in mind, you’ll need both.

Bring Your Avatar Baby to Life

Outside of baby avatar customization alone, there are lots of add ons to make your baby feel realistic. A baby AO, baby sound makers, tools so you can carry your baby and of course, strollers and car seats.

  • Hello Baby AO – $300L – Lots of customization options
  • MDB Personal Sounds Player – $60L – any sound player will work. This one comes empty so you can load it with all of your favorite baby noises. You can set it to rotate as often as you’d like. There are tons of baby sounds on MP.
  • Yuus/Nuuu – $750L –  An object the baby wears that allows parents to click it to hold them, hold their hand and various other commands.

Avatar Baby Customization – Travelling

I mentioned Zooby babies are easier to travel the grid with.  In order to hold your avatar baby, you’ll need to be on land where both you and your baby can rez.  If this is not an option for you nanny controlled carriers and strollers are a great options.  While the nanny may look like a demon, its something the baby can attach to themselves and be carried or pushed around by a nanny.  You can always click their yuus/nuuu and make them follow you.  It’ll look like your nanny is following close by with your baby.  I grabbed mine from Neverland for $599.

Second Life Baby avatar customization Meela Vanderbuilt
Me with Akello in a stroller. Rare with a Zooby in a stroller.

Now if you can rez, there are all types of strollers out there.  Because both you and your baby would need to sit, they operate much like cars. My favorite is from Siix for $999, it’s pricey but it’s pretty, what can I say.  And keep in mind, they have all the functionality of a full vehicle. Including an engine and locking mechanisms so they tend to be on the pricier side.  I’ve got twins coming up… so I’ll probably have to go with this one and if I never age Akello up, possibly this one.

If you just want to carry the baby and you have the option to rez, use your Yuus/Nuuu.  And you’ll be able to choose a hold that suits your needs. Keep in mind, these work best with static poses and the baby will float behind you a bit as you walk but snap back to place once you stop moving.

Second Life Baby avatar customization

Operating Your Baby

Now, if there is a person behind the avatar that intends to play your baby, you’re all set! If you’re like me and don’t want anyone playing your children, you can always use a text viewer to log them in.  Once logged in, you can use Yuus/Nuuu and RLV features combined (explained in Yuus/Nuuu instructions) which will allow you to dress, carry, interact with and completely control your baby.

My favorite text viewer for this is Radegast.  I use a text viewer to avoid any sort of lag on my computer.


My favorite thing is dressing her up and giving her things to do.  She has a million little attachment toys I usually pick up in Gacha resell shops. My favorite place for gacha hunting is Gacha Grove.  But adding pacifiers/binkies and bottles somehow bring her to life too.  The Siix stroller also comes with the cutest bottle.

Check out the full process of me putting Akello together! If you have any questions or other recommendations, please drop a comment here or on YouTube!

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