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The time has come! We’ve finally opened Bayside City so a Second Life Giveaway feels right.  We spent the week opening for people on the waitlist and in Discord but the sim opens to the public this weekend. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to host both a video contest and giveaway.

Tonight I share all of the details about how I film in Second Life, some features I love (that I don’t always use) and exactly how to edit.  I’m even diving into some pointers on creating a Second Life series.  Bayside has pulled together so many creative storytellers who have been trying to figure out the best way to tell their stories.  Why not video!

Whether you want to create a series or a music video, I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Filming in Second Life was really what kept me here when I started to lose interest.  So whether you are a pro or a complete newbie, give it a go!

$15,000L will go to the winning video

$5,000 Giveaway has ended – Congrats Jazmine!!!

Video Contest Entry Details

  1. Create any type of Second Life video at any location in Bayside City ( Video must be at least 3 minutes long (minimum). Must have at least 60 seconds of footage in Bayside (minimum).
  2. Upload the video to YouTube – include Bayside Video Contest in the title
  3. Your video description should include the Bayside City SLurl and
  4. Subscribe to
  5. Link ( on YouTube in the description of your video
  6. Comment on this video –>, using the account you’ve uploaded to say you’ve uploaded!

Accepting entries until – TBD
Voting will Open – TBD
Bayside Panel will choose a winner from the top 5 videos with the most votes.
Minimum of 20 submissions required to open voting.

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Good luck!

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