I recently dusted off my poor, neglected Youtube channel to prep it for a come back.  I’m a huge fan of filming in Second Life.  I’ve always been a fan of video and watching what other people get their avatars into so naturally as soon as I figured a few things out, I jumped on the video bandwagon. It’s been a while since I’ve filmed and edited a video.  I post tons each day on Facebook but none that are edited, just a little thirst trapping here and there.  So to celebrate the come back, I went completely out of my comfort video and did a beauty post with voice.  For anyone who actually knows me, I never voice in SL.  I actually never even plugged a headset or microphone in to voice before the past year or so and still do it seldom.  I’m not a fan of chatting on the phone in RL, even when I get a call people know they need to get to their point quickly.  So, I never saw the appeal of voicing, especially for hours.  I also came to SL as a para-emote role player, I love to write fiction so text is just what I enjoy about SL.

So this was definitely out of my comfort zone.  Albeit a couple mic issues, I managed to whip it together easily.  I film and edit simultaneously so I was actually shopping and doing makeup in real time, then going to edit a bit then back to filming.  The process was a lot of fun for me but definitely time consuming.  It took me close to 3 hours to get this together.

Here are a few notes from the video and a couple things I forgot to mention!

The Beauty Hacks.

I look completely different when I have no makeup on, as you’ll see.  I make use of huds! In the video, I only show the main Catwa hud and the lipstick hud but on the regular, I use a few because all of the makeup and skin I own is saved to them.


If you’re lucky to come across a lippie you absolutely love, its great to keep it as a base lip and then apply any other lipsticks you come across to the top layer.  Play around with the opacity sliders to get the look you want.  When you get a new lipstick and apply it, it’ll automatically apply to your lower layer.  Save to your hud and then you’re able to apply it to your lower or upper layer when you’re ready to wear.


Keep in mind some shadows use your brow layer.  This is a big deal for those of us who use brows other than our skin’s. You can always play around with putting your shadow or brow on the lower or upper layer to make it work but be conscious of your lashes.  There is usually an alpha surrounding them.


I always apply my favorites to my upper layer.  For example, I always wear beauty marks.  It’s easy to keep them on the upper layer so they’re not replaced whenever you change blush or a hair base.  I didn’t wear any blush or highlight for the video because I’m wearing a hair base that makes use of the blush layer.


I missed my freckles for the longest but it was the sacrifice I made because I don’t have another blush layer to spare!  Of course, L’etre has resolved that problem with a high quality mesh freckle solution and they’re unisex!


That’s all folks! Definitely subscribe, I’ll be posting as many videos as I can!

  • Dress – Rebel Gal | Vegas Go to Dress
  • Shoes – Phedora  |  Dahlia Heels
  • Hair – Doux | Fire

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