If you haven’t had a chance to check out my venues be sure to stop by for a visit! Hope to run into you when you do.  I tend to AFK or might be tabbed out working on a post so always feel free to IM a hello and that you’re visiting from my blog!

Here are my venues

New at Faith & Flower

Host Your Own Wine Tasting.

We’ve had quite a few Wine Tastings at Faith & Flower and will continue to.  They’re an awesome weekend activity to catch up with friends or when you and your loved one are looking for something special to do.  However, if you want a wine tasting on demand at a time that works best for you, you now have the option to host your very own!  There are wine tasting options at all VIP booths and available at the large party seating on the second floor.

Simply rent the booth or table, click the service button and select wine tasting.  You will be presented with a gorgeously delicious spread of cheeses, bread, chips, olives, fruit and of course various wines!  Each item is a dispenser and will give you the food or wine of your choice.  Each wine glass you receive is also loaded with RP tools to give you an idea of how each one tastes.

Perfect for a girls night out, double dates or even a family activity!  Visit and enjoy.

New Couples Dancing

We have a couples dance machine on the second floor, located above the dance floor near the piano.  You can actually dance wherever you’d like by camming to the dance machine and getting the rez balls.  I’ve just loaded it with more dances!  Some are perfect for RP – after you’ve had a few drinks and can’t keep your hands off each other. Check them out!

Here’s a preview

Add on for The Second Floor Birthday Setup

Services at booths and the second floor have a set up for birthdays, the set up on the second floor now includes balloons around the table as well – just to add that special touch!

New Step by Step Instructions

VIP booths and the large second floor table now have more detailed instructions.  Please be sure to read them over prior to renting.  With any new process, it can be tough to understand the first time so now you can really make sure you know how things work prior to making a purchase!

New at The Vanderbuilt

A few have noticed and asked about it!  I’ve been working closely with my brother Graham to get our ice cream shop open! We’re almost there, you’ll find the shop next to Aroma’s outdoor seating.

We’re Hiring!

We are now hiring people who are self-starters who want to work as waiters/waitresses, bartenders or event coordinators at any Vanderbuilt Venue – Faith & Flower, Aroma Cafe, the soon to open Ice Cream Shop and Perch, coming next.  Working at The Vanderbuilt, you can choose to work at any or all venues! Payment for positions are only tips.  Applications are available at landing.  Visit and apply!

New at The Monarchy

Open access day moved to Tuesday a couple of months ago.  So, if you have not yet joined the group, you can join us all day long on Tuesday! Take time to meet the girls of The Monarchy and have a good time.

NOW, all VIPs also have full access to The Monarchy’s Elite beach on Tuesday.  Either shoot a group chat or let your favorite girl(s) know you want to spend your time down there! There’s a beach house if you want to get some intimate time in, the sandy beach, 2 swimming pools, lots of places to dine and get raunchy, hot tubs, stage, tennis court, hiking trails, camping grounds, yoga spots! So much.

Stop by and Visit! Join the VIP group for updates and access on all other days.

The Monarchy Estates

We’ve got 2 rentals available! You can always check on rental availability by visiting The Monarchy’s site.  Currently the Catalina Bungalow and Key West Cottage are available!  All rentals come with access to the Elite beach for you and your guests.  Make The Monarchy’s playground your back yard!

Click to visit

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