It’s been a wild few weeks and I’ve been away from SL since Thanksgiving.  Contrary to how much I love to fly in SL, I absolutely hate it in RL but still managed to go on 7 flights in 2 weeks.  Everything from visiting family to work travel, it was just insane.  So, now I’m super excited to have the chance to getaway in SL! I’ve planned out a getaway weekend full of different activities and a stay at the newly remodeled Essencia Hotel this weekend.  I was ecstatic when I landed and saw a completely new layout.  There are more guest-only areas, including an outdoor pool and spa, brand new gym and there’s even a cool boardroom I plan to take over for a meeting tomorrow.

Join The Royal Getaways Group for Real Time Updates

This weekend’s itinerary has gone out to The Royal Getaways groups and will be updated throughout the weekend.  Members are also welcomed and encouraged to use the group chat to connect with other Royals on their getaways!

See the list below, things may change and activities may be added throughout the weekend.

The Itinerary

Hotel: Essencia Hotel – standard rooms currently available

Friday, December 7th

  • Surf Trip3pm SLT – visiting the awesome black sandy T’ai Beach to hit the waves and chill out. Teleport.
  • Road Trip 5pm SLT – meeting for a fun mainland road trip.  Feel free to join a car or drive your own! Departing at 5:15. Teleport.
  • Check in / Meet Up Mixer 6pm SLT –  whether or not your are staying at the hotel, join us at the Essencia Hotel bar for drinks! Teleport.

Saturday, December 8th

  • Special Brunch Buffet @ Faith & Flower 1pm SLT – We’ll be seated upstairs and served by Vanderbuilt waitress Mikaela. Brunch specials include waffles and caviar! Plenty of free champagne to go around. Teleport.
  • Royal Getaways Flight – 3pm SLT – Tickets are FREE but must be reserved in advance so please IM LanaReynolds for your ticket!
  • Salsa Night – 6pm SLT – Get ready to drink and dance! Teleport.

Sunday, December 9th

  • Museum Crawl – 11am – We’ll be visiting 2 awesome SL Museums:
  • Lunch @ Aroma Cafe – 1pm – following the crawl with some eats and coffee! Teleport.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

How it Works

Join the Royals Getaways group if you want to stay updated or connect with others. Decide if you want to check into the hotel or just join for activities, either way you’re welcomed.  Pick and choose with activities you want to join in on and show up! No need to reserve in advance (except for the flight).  That’s all!

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