I hosted a speed dating event at The Vanderbuilt today.  We had a fondue table and plenty of wine and cheese out.  We had a great turn out of…ladies!  Needless to say, the gents were MIA but we did get a few in and we actually made a love connection! At the conclusion of the event, guests were invited to submit a name if they were interested. If there was a match we awarded the lucky pair with a VIP table at the restaurant. We actually had a match!

Here’s What I Wore

I’m not yet sure if outfit details are going to be a focus of this blog but I was in a rush to get dressed today and actually stopped in to Vive Nine to grab the entire outfit.

Saturdays are for relaxation

I don’t get many opportunities to keep it casual, especially because at The Monarchy I’m usually in formal wear or lingerie so when we have our events at The Vanderbuilt I love opting for a relaxing look.  I definitely wanted to wear pants because I don’t often but I knew people would be dressing up so this felt perfectly in the middle.  I actually wear these shoes way too much but, what can I say, I’m obsessed.

  • Choker – Avanti – Chloe Choker
  • Top – ryvolter – Siobhan Bustier Top
  • Pants – ryvolter – Matiu Split Flare Pants
  • Handbag – ryvolter – Cora Bag
  • Shoes – [BREATHE] – Jaime Heels

ps – I won’t be sharing any skin details. I enjoy changing my skin up on the regular and have all my favorites saved to a hud. I also just… don’t want to! Any look details will be focused on clothing, accessories, and makeup.

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

Sometimes you just need to keep an open mind

I really appreciate all of those who came out today. You wouldn’t believe how many people (mostly guys) who were so against coming because they “don’t do relationships.” A few were those same guys who like to send “I’m bored” IMs… you know the ones!  I don’t think anyone who came was dead set on looking for love but it was clearly an opportunity to meet people – whether this person be a new friend or maybe it’ll develop into something more.

Either way it was a fun time, I met a lot of new people, had a lot of food and there were plenty of opportunities for role play.

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