We finally launched SLBNB.net! We’ve been sitting on this project for some time now just because we knew we both needed available time to make it happen.  But SLBNB is a vacation service connecting SL homeowners with residents looking for a change in scenery.  We do all the configurations and make the process as easy as possible for residents ready for a getaway. I did a video about SLBNB but also wanted to be sure I put all the details here so check it out and definitely get involved with SLBNB.  Rent a home for a weekend or rent out a space of your own to earn some extra cash. We just opened our in world office at The Vanderbuilt so be sure to have a visit. There is even more information there. We’re also hiring account managers so be sure to check it out.


How it works.

We list all of the properties from homeowners on the site.  We are targeting full homes, rooms, and luxury properties currently.  As we expand, we plan to add to that list.  You can browse by rental type or just by viewing everything available.  We currently have just 4 properties but they are so awesome and each have really cool details to make your stay worthwhile, including welcome kits with things to do in the area.

List a Home Without The Headache.

If you have a furnished home that you want to list, we make the process easy.  Even if you don’t, we have packages that offer decor.  All you need to do is fill out a host application.  Once we receive it, we’ll reach out, check out the space and install your rental and security.  We will then do all the configurations for our site and let everyone know you’re live!

Visit our office in world to find out about all of the packages and more information here about hosting.

This can be a great way to earn passive income in Second Life.  We’ll do all of the organization and heavy lifting for you.  As we get more feedback from guests and learn more about what they’re really eager for, we’ll even share those details with you to ensure you’re able to make the most from your rentals.

Hosting Qualifications

  • You must be able to grant rez rights to a member of our team
  • Have a high quality furnished home (or hire one of our decorators)

A really awesome place, perfect for couples with lots of activities to do together – Cozy Tree House on the Water

Check out my current listings!

I currently have 2 live listings on the site.  There is one more coming that I’m putting the final touches on.  I’m really dedicated to keeping all of my listings on mainland.  I really enjoy traveling and living on mainland so I think that’d be a really special getaway, especially for those who don’t have premium accounts to own or just haven’t rented before.  Pricing on mainland can be ridiculous so I thought it’d be really fun to find an affordable mainland property where you could drive around, do some fun things right on the sim and even take a road trip.

I have a tree house and an intimate tropical cabin.  Both are really intimate with lots of spaces to lounge, hang out or cuddle.  Its a G-rated sim so family friendly but each property has privacy enabled so couples you can get as freaky as your heart desires.

Because I’m addicting to acquiring land, I also opened a cafe just down the street where you can hang out, grab some sweets, watch a movie, or snap pics.  I’ve included one of the SL GPS drives and some walking points or landmarks to a lot of awesome places to visit on the sim and surrounding.

It’s mainland so you can drive around sims.  Its right on the water so you can sail through canals or make it out to the ocean.  There’s also Nix Lake, which is super close to sail to and an awesome hiking trail through the woods.

Each house has a paddleboat rezzer so you can have a little excursion.  You’re also able to rez any vehicle of yours to take out.  Definitely stop by for a visit and rent to start your vacation!


Video Inside the Treehouse

Cozy Cabin

Customer Service

If you have any questions or need more information be sure to IM our CS bot ZaneVanderbuilt. She’ll get the message to all of us so we can respond as soon as we’re available.  Stop by the office to say hi to her too! Click here to teleport.

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