Second Life YouTube Challenge - BUTIMBROKE

I thought it would be fun going into the weekend with another Second Life YouTube challenge.  Even if you do not have a YouTube, this could be a fun inexpensive challenge for all of us!  If you need somewhere to share your results, drop them in my Discord server! Or use the #BUTIMBROKE hashtag and tag me on Instagram @MeelaVanderbuilt.  I’ll be sharing everyone’s during Sunday’s Get Ready with Me Stream this week and next week.

We all know I have a problem with budgeting and spend pretty frivolously.  I always have to remember I can’t just make recommendations based on my wallet.  I really wanted to show the possibilities Second Life has to offer on any budget.  If I could do it, you can totally do it!  Check Reyna and I struggle our way through the challenge and somehow we managed to spend less than $500L!

On to The Second Life YouTube Challenge

The #BUTIMBROKE Second Life YouTube challenge is focused on getting an avatar set up with less than $5 usd.  With the current cost of linden, $5 usd is $1,300L.  However, I’m really challenging everyone to create a brand new avatar for $500L with a maximum budget of $1,300.

Here are the rules:

  • You cannot use anything you already own for the look – everything must be completely new. Meaning, no existing shapes, skins, bodies, heads, accessories, clothing, animations, hair etc.
  • You cannot exceed $1,300L
  • Aim for a high quality avatar who would be qualified for a job in an environment where quality/looks are important
  • List your outfit/avatar credits so people know where to shop!

Extra Points

Now, the point of the challenge is to set up an avatar but we also want to show our newb fam that it’s possible to really start your new Second Life with only 5 bucks.  We all know money makes the world go round so could your look get you a job that could provide some sort of Second Life financial security or at least some cash to continue improvements?

I challenge you to try to get a job and keep us updated! I went undercover boss mode and applied to The Monarchy so I’ll keep you posted!

Here Are a Couple Tips To Get You Started

  • There is a free body by eBody with a lot of stores to support it
  • Queenz has a ton of free group gifts compatible with the body (free group joiner)
  • Genesis Lab has a few heads as group gifts in store and you can find additional gacha skins for the heads on Marketplace that are pretty inexpensive!
  • There are loads of freebies at Free Dove
  • Mangula has group gifts in store that also includes information for freebie groups for even more merch!
  • Sintiklia has free hairs that you do not need to join the group to get
  • There are even more inexpensive gacha heads on MP!

I hope you take the challenge and can’t wait to see how creative you get!

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