Second Life Sponsorship

Media Kit

View my media kit for a list of socials and following.

Any content shared to my YouTube channel or socials is also shared to my Discord Server. 2.61k members.

YouTube (20,700 subscribers)| Instagram (6,600 followers)| TikTok (14,800 followers)| Facebook (page) (1,500 followers)| Facebook (Profile) | Twitter (1,500 followers)| Discord

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If you are looking for in-world presence – stores or booths in my role play city, Bayside City, please let me know. Some sponsorship packages are discounted if you have a presence in the city.

Sponsor Options


If you’d like to provide product or a release for consideration in upcoming content, items can be sent to LanaReynolds Resident or you’re welcome to add me to your Blogotex.

This is not a sponsorship and not a guarantee that items will be used. If they are, you/your store will be credited. If you are able to, send as many details along with the package – social links, store LM, marketplace store, etc. It is not a guarantee links or messaging will be shared in descriptions. If I use the item, it will be mentioned in the video.

If this is an event (ie party, rp event, etc) or experience, we will need to coordinate in advance. It is expected any paid features are covered.

Pricing: Free

Dedicated YouTube Stream

Full stream, 1 – 2 hours dedicated to covering your event, product, project, venue, store, etc. I will work with you to create the stream’s description, any specific call outs during the stream, any on stream assets you’d like to add (ie logos), pinned comments.

Click here for an example

Pricing: Varies depending on requests. Starts at $50,000L

Dedicated Stream/Social Bundle

Full stream as noted above + 1 sponsored post on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube Shorts prior to stream.

Up to 3 clips generated and converted to shorts/reels/TikToks after stream.


You can provide any pages you would like tagged and also enable tagging you as a sponsor on socials where you have a business account.

Pricing: Varies depending on requests. Starts at $55,000L

Dedicated YouTube Video

An edited video showing your product, event, store, project, venue, etc. You can choose if you want a review/reaction, need educational content to show how something works, a general promotion, etc.

Social package can be added on.

Click here for an example

Sponsored Stream

Sponsor an existing stream. Display a banner or asset throughout the stream, sponsorship mention in the description. 1-3 minute announcement/feature during stream. Repeating text in chat with information on your product, project, etc.

If there is something I can wear or add to my avatar/space while streaming we can add it.

Sponsored streams are meant to bring heightened brand awareness or bring specific attention to a product, release, event or venue. They are not a dedicated stream.

Depending on the length of a stream and scheduling, a stream may include multiple sponsors. Only one sponsor will be feature within a 1-hour time block. I will provide you with a list of upcoming streams: dates, times, length, sponsors (if applicable) that you can choose from.

Click here for an example (New offer to Second Life Business, this is an IRL sponsor example).

Pricing: $25,000L

Sponsored Video

Similar to a sponsored stream but as an edited video. These are usually 10-30 minute videos. Will include a 30-90 second sponsor feature, as shown in the example.

Click here for an example (New offer to Second Life Business, this is an IRL sponsor example).

Pricing: $30,000L

Sponsored Social

A dedicated post on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube shorts. These can be up to 60 seconds. Filmed, edited and posted to the social site of your choice.

All social posts can be shared to Facebook (profile & page) and Twitter at no additional cost.

Examples: YouTube short, Instagram


  • TikTok: $15,000L
  • Instagram: $15,000L
  • YouTube Short: $20,000L

User Generated Content (UGC)

User generated content is create for your use on social media, YouTube etc. You will be granted rights to use the content. I can also share to my socials upon your request. I will work with you on the specific needs. This is usually great for demonstrations, “social takeovers,” short tutorials to show off a product, etc.

Click here for an example

New offer for Second Life businesses. Example is an IRL sponsor.

Pricing: Varies depending on request. Starts at $15,000L

Current Schedule

  • Second Life Long stream: Saturdays 12pm pst
  • Unavailable: 12th of every month

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message via Discord, Facebook or Instagram.

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