I’m a huge fan of collecting cars.  It’s seriously a problem at this point. I have 2 homes, both with way too many cars rezzed out for my own good.  I think I’ve even got 8 parked in the garage at The Vanderbuilt Estate.  I know nothing about cars and I don’t buy them just for novelty.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but I love taking road trips in world!

Take the Road Less Traveled…seriously, nix the lag issues.

Mainland is always the best option when it comes to road tripping.  I like leaving from Langdale.  I actually have a couple rentals there but there is also a dock right on the Blake Sea.  So, if you’re a fan of sailing its an awesome spot.  Either way you can rez there so its a good starting point for your trip.

You’ll also pass a few gas stations and other cool areas where you can park, snap some pics, have some role play, depending on who you’re with.  There’s one gas station, the first you’ll come across from Langdale with an Angry Birds game inside that I can’t seem to beat.  I won’t be too mad at you if you beat it…

You’ll also pass a pretty awesome community with a train system. You can park your car and take the train around the grid. Just don’t forget how to get back to get your car…it will linger there. But it’s a really fun experience so give it a try!

Meela Vanderbuilt x Indulge Automotive Group. Photos taken at The Monarchy’s Elite Beach.
  • Car – Indulge Automotive Group – 550 Barchetta

Side note about this car: Lots of awesome detail went into this. It has a radio that plays clips from a few songs, tons of trunk space and most importantly for me, its easy to drive. When you’re actually road tripping you want something that is not going to be a struggle because the sim crossings are enough of a struggle.  This car drives well and is easy to navigate.  So, if you’re looking for something to ride in style – awesome enough for those road trip photo ops that is also perfectly functional for making it through lots of sim… have a visit to the Indulge showroom.  They’re also on MP.

You’ll come across plenty of sim crossings on this road trip so be sure to remove any unnecessary huds.  I’ve also found success in just letting go of the gas (key) when you car starts to trip out at the crossing.  Once you’re through the madness, it all refocuses and you can get through easily.  When I keep my fingers on the keys or try turning I end up somersaulting through the abyss that is mainland.

Not all those who wander are lost.

SLurls where I like starting my roadtrips:

  • Langdale
  • Kaupang – close to a Starbucks and gas station. You can also get to Second Norway Airport, where a lot of flights leave from.
  • Smugglers Bluff Airport – It’s an airport but you’ll be able to find the road to drive on. Head toward the cafe, grab a coffee and hit the road!

I’d love to know some of your places to begin your road trips! Be sure to comment and SLurls you know of.  I’ll give them a try next time I’m out driving.

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