Review Policy – Venues & Experiences

To My Readers!

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I promise to post fair & honest reviews of venues and experiences in Second Life.  These reviews may include free experiences, paid, and gifted. I do not accept any form of compensation for reviews that I do on this blog so you can be assured that any reviews posted are my own opinions and not at all influenced.

As a venue owner in Second Life, my opinions on any competitors are unbiased and looked at through the lens of the overall experience.  If I feel there is a conflict of interest, I will not post a review.  I currently do not review any strip or escort clubs.

To Venue & Other Project Owners & Managers

Thank you for visiting my blog and your interest in having me check out your project or venue! I am currently available to review open/released venues or projects or venues/projects soon to be opened/released.  I do reviews on the following topics:

  • Venues – (excluding stores, shopping events, or Strip/Escort Clubs) – hotels, parks, zoos, role play sims, exploration sims, lounges, etc
  • Experiences – transportation: flights, shuttles, drives, tours, etc; Special exploration huds, role play experiences
  • Services – spas, clinics, lessons, classes

If you have a venue/project not listed above, don’t hesitate to contact me and share the info! I’m always excited to learn of new projects I may have never experienced in Second Life.  Contact: MeelaVanderbuilt Resident in world.

With Each Request I Ask:

  • A general description of your venue/project
  • Release information (date) if not yet open
  • Any costs associated with your venue/project/product and if I will be responsible for paying for these costs or if they will be gifted.
  • Any features/areas you want me to be sure to pay attention to
  • Time frame in which you would like to see a review posted
  • Any additional expectations you may have

Please allow 5-7 business days for my response.

If I Am Able to Accept Your Venue/Project for Review:

If I accept your offer to review, I will provide all of the information I need to complete your review and an idea of the format/delivery.  Depending on the project/venue, this review may accompany a larger post or may be a standalone review.  I cannot guarantee format until I have experienced the venue/project and have determined the type of post I can make.  I will communicate those details along with a time frame for publishing. The review will also be posted on this blog’s Facebook page, my personal Facebook profile and Instagram.

I am not able to send drafts of posts to you for review prior to posting.  Reviews are completely uninfluenced and will be published once completed.

Negative Reviews

I do not post negative reviews.  In the event that I have a bad experience with your venue/project, I will communicate that directly to you rather than posting about it.  If it was an error, I will try to attempt to visit/experience again.  If it was simply not a matter of my taste, I will communicate why I am unable to post the review.  This blog is truly meant to serve as a positive outlet where I share my favorite things so I will never use it to tarnish any sort of brand/venue.

I will, however, make sure my recommendations meet the expectation of your venue/project.  ie: if its not role play focused but that could be easily misinterpreted when visiting, I’ll highlight that for clarification/recommendation.