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The Monarchy SL

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The Monarchy is an exclusive STRIP CLUB & BROTHEL here to satisfy your every fantasy. We are a member’s only club aimed at providing an elite experience. Intimate, focused on the art of role play and building connections.

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The Monarchy Estates are intimate, private parcel homes on The Monarchy sim. These beautiful homes neighbor our Elite beach, giving you more access to our beach house, beach, 2 pools, hot tub, tennis court, camp grounds, and hiking trail, plus free horses to rent!

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The Vanderbuilt is an LA inspired date mall home to Faith & Flower Restaurant & Bar and Aroma Cafe.  More social venues coming soon. A great place to snap photos, connect with friends and loved ones and a place to get social at the special social events we throw every week. I wanted a place that was not about partying but really connecting with people and having a place to go for a day or night out!

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Faith & Flower is a self-service restaurant and Bar.  Free to dine at any standard tables. If you’re looking for a bit more intimacy and special services, VIP booths are available for rental by the hour. We also have a large table upstairs for parties up to 8. Additional services are available upstairs as well.

Special Services: Bottle service, happy hour, brunch, birthday.

Special Events: Brunch, Seafood buffets, fish fry, wine tastings, Latin food night, speed dating and much more coming!

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Aroma Cafe is an intimate outdoor cafe, perfect for catching up with friends or snapping photos. Lots of food accessories on tables to set the mood and help yourself to the ice cream or coffee carts.