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There are plenty of opportunities to work with me or at one of my venues. If you’re job hunting, have a look!

The Monarchy {A}

We are ALWAYS hiring at The Monarchy.  The Monarchy is an adult oasis aimed at guests who love an elite, intimate environment.  Our guests love quality, intelligent women who are dangerously naughty and deserve to be treated like the queens they are.  We are a role play focused club, primarily text and welcome girls with a true talent for role play, writing and seduction.


  • Dancers
  • Escorts
  • Dommes

We are an independent working environment, meaning we will help you build the skills you’ll need to build and manage personal client lists, develop a menu of services that will best serve in our environment and provide opportunities to connect with guests.

You should be a fairly independent woman who loves the eroticism of dancing and escorting in Second Life and someone who does not need much hand holding but not at all afraid to ask for help when needed.

To Apply:

For more information visit: The Monarchy’s Hiring Loft. You’ll find lots of info and applications.

ALL hiring inquiries should be directed to Amyalka Resident.

Connect with Us:

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The Vanderbuilt

The Vanderbuilt is currently hiring for wait staff and bartenders.  We are looking for those who are interested in joining our role play environment, are self-motivated and creative. You would be expected to manage your own schedule and respond to service requests.


  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Event Specialist (not currently available)

Wait Staff

As a waiter/waitress at The Vanderbuilt you have the option of working at any venue – Faith & Flower, Perch, or Aroma.  You will be responsible for welcoming and engaging with guests, helping to enhance their restaurant role play experience by serving their meals. You are also welcomed to promote your shifts via notices to our group or the SL events page.

You will receive a page board in the restaurant so guests are able to page available staff. All hourly service for guest start at 400L/hr per table plus tips.

Shift expectation is a minimum of 1 hour.

You also have the option of assisting with special events, creating events of your own, and assisting guests with special event requests.


You are welcome to bartend at Faith & Flower or at the juice bar at Perch. You’re responsible for welcoming and chatting with guests. This is a tip-only position.

To Apply:

Visit The Vanderbuilt and pick up and application from the landing. Submit to the mailbox and join the hiring group! Notices about interview time slots will be sent each week.

Connect with Us:





Bayside City

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