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Time for a Second Life shopping giveaway.  The 10th of the month is easily becoming one of my favorite days to look forward to. Alas, we are here celebrating the opening of another round of Equal10, one of the hottest Second Life shopping events!  And, they have been so kind as to give me $50,000L to give away to you guys!

Equal10 is a monthly event that opens at 12pm PST/SLT (Second Life Time) every month featuring the newest releases from some of the hottest stores on the grid.  And they are major fans of Second Life shopping giveaways.  Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook because they regularly give away $100,000L.   Infamous for quality and a diverse selection, Equal10 has definitely become one of my favorites. Hence, why I’m so excited about our collaboration.  I popped by earlier for a bit of a sneak peek and there is a ton to be excited about this round.

Join me on stream at 11am PST to shop around and of course, to enter the live giveaway!

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    very pretty

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